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Hot Aircraft –Advocating to Protect Crew and Passengers

Date: August 9, 2022

As summer temperatures continue to remain elevated, so does the risk of heat-related illness. In addition to the heat, delays and quick turns put additional stress on our bodies. Flight Attendants are the most important “safety feature” onboard the aircraft and it is critical that we always consider our own needs and those of the passengers in our care.

While there is not a defined cabin temperature standard at United, AFA has long recommended that management adopt guidelines from the Temperature Section of the ASHRAE Standard 161-2013, Air Quality within Commercial Aircraft.

A cabin that is too hot in which to safely perform your Flight Attendant duties or may be uncomfortable to passengers should be immediately reported to the Purser and Captain. It is helpful to provide a clear, detailed, and factual description of the cabin conditions. Are passengers complaining? Is anyone feeling or appearing ill? Be specific. Advocate early and often.

As passengers aboard the aircraft, if you have heightened concerns that cabin conditions are becoming increasingly unsafe or unhealthy and you have not received any relief as a result of having previously expressed concerns, contact the Inflight Duty Manager (IFDM) for assistance.

Always follow-up by filing the appropriate report. If you carry a thermometer, you should also consider downloading the 2Hot2Cold App to report extreme temperature events to AFA.

You can learn more about AFA’s efforts to establish aircraft temperature standards here.


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