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United MEC Labor Day Officer Message

Date: September 4, 2022

September 5, 2022

Sisters, Brothers and Family Members,

For many of us, the first Monday in September signals the impending end of the summer and alerts us to the approach of autumn. It is a seasonal opportunity to come together and to enjoy & celebrate the final days of the summer season. But this Labor Day weekend is so much more than an opportunity to travel and BBQ; it is an opportunity to recognize the work and contributions of the American worker.

Workers built this nation many of us call home. Through their hard work and ingenuity, America has not only grown, we’ve thrived. As the President of the United States remarked in 2021, “…A job is about much more than a paycheck. It is about dignity, respect, and your place in the community. It is about being able to look your children in the eye and assure them that things will be okay.

Our recent experience with the COVID-19 pandemic is but one example where we have come together globally to rely on each other and our ingenuity to care for each other and feed our families.  Collectively, through our efforts to secure the Payroll Support Program, we worked to provide the security of health insurance that was, for some, threatened by furloughs during those uncertain times. At the same time, we earned the public acknowledgement of the vital role we play as Flight Attendants, aviation’s first responders, in the infrastructure of America’s economy.

Hardworking Americans are the backbone of this country.  We are individuals who come to work daily to collectively contribute to this idea of the American Dream. In spite of these dedicated efforts, the American Dream has become further and further out of reach for many. For too long, workers have been told to be grateful to have a job when the reality is employers should develop a genuine appreciation for the opportunity to benefit from our unique skill sets and the work we contribute. Unions built the middle class and continue to fight for everyone to achieve the American Dream, ultimately keeping our nation strong and prosperous.

Workers around our great nation are standing together once again and making their voices heard. They are unionizing. They speak with one clear voice; their interests matter and their work and contributions are worth more. Workers are demanding fair compensation, health insurance, safe and healthy workplaces, and security in the future – all reasonable expectations. 

This Labor Day weekend, take time to reflect not only on the roots of this great movement but also on the direction we must go to accomplish these objectives. Labor Day is the apropos time to celebrate the accomplishments and hard work of those that came before us while, at the same time, it is an opportunity to commit to continuing to build on their legacy.

On behalf of the entire Master Executive Council, whether at home or acting in your professional capacity caring for people, we wish you and your families a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.

In Solidarity,

The Officers of the United Master Executive Council


Ken Diaz

Adam Novish

Jeffrey Heisey



Secretary Treasurer


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