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Management Reacts to Unifying Union Communication

Date: September 7, 2022

Today, AFA filed a MEC Grievance (MEC 10-22) in response to the company’s direction to Local Council Presidents to remove from Union Electronic & AFA Bulletin boards in the domicile any materials referencing our planned September 27, 2022 Day of Action.  Management has told the Union they find these communications, which indicate only the date and name of the event, to be “derogatory”.  The Union strongly disagrees with any assertion that these postings are anything more than information about an upcoming Union gathering of Members.

Clearly, we have hit a nerve with management. These actions of management must be interpreted at face value; an effort to restrict our Day of Action communications as an effort to attempt to reduce our outreach to as many Flight Attendants as possible with the ultimate goal being to minimize knowledge of and participation in our Day of Action event.

Contrary to these efforts, we will stand together with one strong, unwavering voice; I stand with my Union!  Plan to join us on September 27, 2022 for our Day of Action.

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