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Promote Our Day of Action

Date: September 8, 2022

I Stand With my Union! We are standing together to fight for what we have earned every day on every flight. 

Yesterday, we filed a MEC Grievance (MEC 10-22) in response to the company’s direction to remove from the Union Electronic & AFA Bulletin boards in the domicile any materials referencing our upcoming Day of Action because management found them to be “derogatory.”

In response to this action of management, we are pushing back. Management’s goal is to do everything they can to minimize our outreach, which makes it even more important for each of us to make this Day of Action as big and as loud as possible!

Together, we are the Union. Together we will harness our power to create the change we seek through our solidarity. Spread the word. Update your social media profile pictures to our official Day of Action image.

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