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AFA Debrief: September 15, 2022

Date: September 15, 2022

AFA Debrief September 15, 2022

  • RSVP for our September 27 Day of Action
  • Third Trimester CBT 2022p1
  • Celebrating Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month
  • Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month AFA Pins

RSVP for our September 27 Day of Action

Our Local Council Leaders have been hard at work organizing all that is necessary to support our Day of Action on September 27, 2022

Specific details for many of our Bases have been confirmed and posted to our website. A link to RSVP your attendance at the September 27, 2022, Day of Action is now available from our website as well. We will continue to make updates as additional details are confirmed throughout the system. Contact your Local Council with any questions. 

If you can’t make it to this Day of Action but still want to help? We ask that you reach out to your Local Council to assist in spreading awareness about this upcoming event.

In the meantime, we ask that you continue to share Day of Action information in your social media groups. Consider changing your profile picture to our Day of Action icon picture from this article and last but certainly not least, wear your AFA Union pin every trip you fly- It’s a visual reminder to management that we stand together!

It’s time to show our solidarity and show management we are ready for an industry leading contract.  Wear your AFA pin with pride, follow AFA social media, and ensure you are signed up for AFA emails.

Third Trimester CBT 2022p1

The Third Trimester CBT is now available for completion and is required to be completed by October 31, 2022 - 2359 Central Standard Time.

Log into TakeOff Learning on Flying Together and select Continuing Qualifications (CQ) 2022p1 Fall Trimester.

This CBT session is anticipated to take approximately three (3) to three forty-eight (3:48) hours to complete.

As provided for under our Contract in Section 11.B.2, Flight Attendants will be compensated at one (1:00) hour flight time credit for every three (3:00) hours, prorated. In no case shall a Flight Attendant receive less than one-hour (1:00) flight time pay and credit.

As a reminder, it is a good practice to keep a record of any completed CBT segments. In the event that your completion is not accurately recorded, proof of completion can prevent you from needing to re-take a segment. We suggest keeping a screenshot of completed segments or a copy of the CBT completion email for your records.

Reference these Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding CQ 2022 CBTs.

Celebrating Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month

September 15 marks the first day of Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month in the United States.  The celebration, which is also referred to as National Hispanic Heritage Month, began as Hispanic Heritage week when it was established by legislation that was signed into law by President Lydon Johnson in 1968.  In 1988, the single week event was expanded to a month-long period to be celebrated each year from September 15 to October 15.

September 15 is of significance as it marks the anniversary of independence of the Latin American countries of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.  Mexico also celebrates independence on September 16, Chile on September 18, and Belize on September 21. 

You can learn more about the accomplishments of Hispanic-Latinx Americans through some of the dedicated websites and resources below.

Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month AFA Pins

The AFA Executive Board passed a resolution recognizing Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month and providing for the creation of a new diversity AFA pin in celebration.  You can read the complete text of the resolution by clicking here.  

This month, Local Councils are distributing AFA Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month AFA pins.  You are encouraged to pick up this pin from your Local Council and wear it in Solidarity as we work together to accomplish diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workforce.


Sep 15 – Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month
Sep 23 – Vacation Elections Open

Sep 23 – Vacation Accrual Letters Available via CCS
October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month



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