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AFA Debrief: September 22, 2022

Date: September 22, 2022

AFA Debrief – September 22, 2022

·        Are You Fed Up? The Time to Act is Now to Demonstrate Our Solidarity!

·        KCM Location Change at EWR

·        Vacation 2023 – Contractual Process Begins with Vacation Accrual Letters

·        Register to Vote!

·        AFA Welcomes Class 2229!

·        AFA Disaster Relief Fund – Our Union at Work Helping Each Other

Are You Fed Up? The Time to Act is Now to Demonstrate Our Solidarity!

Are you fed up?  The time to act is now to demonstrate our solidarity!

Our Members have told us that they want a Day of Action where they can come together in a show of our Solidarity to let management know of our dissatisfaction with the status quo as well as to express their expectation that management will work with the leadership of the Union to constructively address our concerns.

It should come as no surprise to any of us that management is beginning to make some inroads into addressing Flight Attendant concerns based on the collective feedback that we’ve provided to management.  And it’s no coincidence that we’re seeing some of these changes, guised as improvements for Flight Attendants, recently proposed by management as our September 27th Day of Action approaches.

We need to guard against any effort by management to persuade us with these “fixes” as a way to trade away our priorities.  In a collective bargaining environment, we stand together in a unified way to communicate to management our expectations. We establish our collective priorities that we remain determined are not worth trading off for items having value to management and that do not address our issues.

The leadership of our Union has approached management to find ways to work together to create reliable solutions to fix the problems that affect all of us in a mutually beneficial way.  One-sided solutions that meet the needs of management without addressing our priorities signals a lack of connection with the work force and can present a perception of being tone deaf to the real issues affecting those who are on the front-line building the core business and bringing passengers back on a repeat basis.

Let’s be clear; we are doing the work to build and maintain those relationships as we continue to focus on helping United Airlines return to its status as the world’s premier airline.  We are showing our passengers that we are willing to do the work to earn and maintain their business and loyalty. What we are saying is we are looking for the same commitment in kind as a means of recognizing the contributions we’re making.

Perhaps more than ever, now is the time to stand together against those who would hope to divide us, hope to weaken our voice and our rights.  We cannot let Union Busting 101 tactics set us on separate courses.  Instead, we must strengthen our resolve and move forward together. 

Please plan to participate on Tuesday, September 27th in the Day of Action events at any of the locations where these events will be scheduledAs management sees us standing together, clad in AFA pins and demanding management live up to the commitments they’ve made through our Contract, we will all benefit from our solidarity.

By Standing Together, we are a powerful force as long as we value the power of our collective. To that end, RSVP and let us know you’ll be with us on the 27th.

KCM Location Change at EWR

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, there was a change in one of the Known Crewmember (KCM) locations in EWR.   The new location is located just ahead of Terminal C3, which is to the far left if you’re looking at the security lanes, near the entrance to the EWR Clinic.  

The continued success of the KCM program is dependent upon crewmembers demonstrating that they can be trusted to comply with all related requirements. It’s important that all crewmembers abide by the rules of this program in order to protect our ability to participate in the Known Crewmember program. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has issued a Notice to Participating Airlines regarding crewmember compliance with KCM regulations.

KCM is accessible only for "active" crewmembers.  If you have been inactive, on leave, or if you have been temporarily removed from service, you will not have KCM access. Keep in mind that when returning to active status there will be a delay in updating your status to “active” which may result in your inability to initially use KCM access for a brief period of time.

Review our “Known Crewmember – What You Need To Know!” page on our website as well as the KCM Rules for Use on the Known Crewmember website.

Please be aware of the rules and give extra time to go through checkpoints. For more information visit the KCM website.

Vacation 2023 – Our Contractual Process Begins by September 25!

Our Contractual annual Vacation process kicks off with the creation of the Reserve Letter lists for HNL and LHR.  These lists have been created, posted and are available for Review by the Flight Attendants at these bases.

Over the entire period of time starting September 25 through December 5, there are a number of activities involving vacation all of which fall into what might best be described in three words: Choose, Bid, Trade.

After issuance of Reserve Letter Lists, the next step in the process involves issuance of the 2023 Accrual Letters which should be available via the Vacation tab on the CCS home page by September 25. From these pages, Vacation Elections can be made by selecting “To view optional election, click here.” These letters are individualized and provide each of us with information on our vacation accrual for use during 2023.

The following information will be displayed on the Vacation Accrual Letter: 

·        Your vacation accrual seniority date as of (MM DD, YYYY) 

·        Your 2022 base vacation accrual determined by your vacation accrual seniority date 

·        Your paid activity, by each quarter in the 2021 - 2022 Vacation Accrual Year, to be used in determining your vacation accrual for the 2023 Vacation year 

·        Your 2023 vacation accrual, in days and hours 

For newly hired Flight Attendants, quarterly paid activity will not be shown because new hire Flight Attendants accrue one vacation day for each month of employment after initial employment.  If hired prior to the 15th of the month, vacation credit is given for the full month.

The (20) twenty-day “Choose” period during which Flight Attendants have the ability to make Elections, which is elect Vacation Buy Back (with an incentive), Defer 7-14 days of vacation into the 401(k) or UK Stakeholder Plan or Elect for paid or unpaid Flex Vacation, starts as of September 25th.  In next week’s edition of Debrief, we will explore these election options in more detail.

During this initial phase, we strongly recommend that you review your Vacation Accrual Letter for accuracy.  If you have a question about your accrual, contact the Flight Attendant Vacation Team, Monday – Friday from 0800 – 1600 CT at 1 800 FLTLINE (Option 1,9, & 1) or from LHR at 0800-89-6516.  Alternatively, e-mail your questions to FAVactionTeam@united.com with your questions.

Additional information is available via our Vacation Microsite on the MEC website.  In addition, the annual Vacation Article by our Central Schedule Committee is available on the Committee home page.

Register to Vote!

Your right and privilege to vote is not automatic, you must register to vote, and you must ensure your registration record is up to date.

Voter registration deadlines vary by state but can be as early as 30 days prior to an election. For more information about upcoming voting and elections information, please visit vote411.org.

If you have additional questions, contact your Local Council Government Affairs Committee.

AFA Welcomes Class 2229!

We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from Class 2229 as part of our Flight Attendant community. Our newest flying partners will begin their careers at bases in DEN, ORD, and IAD.

We encourage you to welcome each of them as we work through the last peak of the summer season, help them learn from your experience, and get them started on a path to success and adventure in their new career.

Please remember that our newest Members are on probation. To ensure that they receive the most accurate information to support them, direct them to their Local Council for assistance on Contractual issues.

And if you would like to become an AFA Buddy, reach out to your Local Council to learn how you can become part of this vital link to their success.

AFA Disaster Relief Fund – Our Union at Work Helping Each Other

Regardless of your Municipality, you are eligible for AFA Disaster Relief Funds if your primary residence is in Puerto Rico.

The application can be found at www.afacwa.org/disaster_relief_fund  

We know that disasters can change lives forever. While we can’t stop destructive events from happening, we can, as a Union, assist our members with their recovery. AFA established the Disaster Relief Fund after September 11th to assist our members whose lives were placed in harm’s way.  AFA members and retirees, whose primary residences are in the counties listed on the FEMA website are eligible for $200.00 from the AFA-CWA Disaster Relief Fund.  It is a gift made possible by the generosity of your fellow union sisters and brothers with AFA.  (See the AFA website for links to the FEMA site: www.afacwa.org/drf.)

If you would like to apply for AFA-CWA Disaster Relief Funds, visit www.afacwa.org/drf and download the Disaster Relief Fund Application.  There are a few ways of submitting your application including:

                  Email the application information to lfoster@afanet.org or 

                  Fax the completed application to 301-253-2790.  A cover sheet is not necessary

If you wish to contribute either by check or electronic payment, please visit www.afacwa.org/drf  for more information on donating.





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