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KCM Location Change at EWR

Date: September 22, 2022

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, there was a change in one of the Known Crewmember (KCM) locations in EWR.   The new location is located just ahead of Terminal C3, which is to the far left if you’re looking at the security lanes, near the entrance to the EWR Clinic.  

The continued success of the KCM program is dependent upon crewmembers demonstrating that they can be trusted to comply with all related requirements. It’s important that all crewmembers abide by the rules of this program in order to protect our ability to participate in the Known Crewmember program. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has issued a Notice to Participating Airlines regarding crewmember compliance with KCM regulations.

KCM is accessible only for "active" crewmembers.  If you have been inactive, on leave, or if you have been temporarily removed from service, you will not have KCM access. Keep in mind that when returning to active status there will be a delay in updating your status to “active” which may result in your inability to initially use KCM access for a brief period of time.

Review our “Known Crewmember – What You Need To Know!” page on our website as well as the KCM Rules for Use on the Known Crewmember website.

Please be aware of the rules and give extra time to go through checkpoints. For more information visit the KCM website.

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