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Vacation 2023 – Our Contractual Process Begins by September 25!

Date: September 22, 2022

Our Contractual annual Vacation process kicks off with the creation of the Reserve Letter lists for HNL and LHR.  These lists have been created, posted and are available for Review by the Flight Attendants at these bases.

Over the entire period of time starting September 25 through December 5, there are a number of activities involving vacation all of which fall into what might best be described in three words: Choose, Bid, Trade.

After issuance of Reserve Letter Lists, the next step in the process involves issuance of the 2023 Accrual Letters which should be available via the Vacation tab on the CCS home page by September 25. From these pages, Vacation Elections can be made by selecting “To view optional election, click here.” These letters are individualized and provide each of us with information on our vacation accrual for use during 2023.

The following information will be displayed on the Vacation Accrual Letter: 

  • Your vacation accrual seniority date as of (MM DD, YYYY) 
  • Your 2022 base vacation accrual determined by your vacation accrual seniority date 
  • Your paid activity, by each quarter in the 2021 - 2022 Vacation Accrual Year, to be used in determining your vacation accrual for the 2023 Vacation year 
  • Your 2023 vacation accrual, in days and hours 

For newly hired Flight Attendants, quarterly paid activity will not be shown because new hire Flight Attendants accrue one vacation day for each month of employment after initial employment.  If hired prior to the 15th of the month, vacation credit is given for the full month.

The (20) twenty-day “Choose” period during which Flight Attendants have the ability to make Elections, which is elect Vacation Buy Back (with an incentive), Defer 7-14 days of vacation into the 401(k) or UK Stakeholder Plan or Elect for paid or unpaid Flex Vacation, starts as of September 25th.  In next week’s edition of Debrief, we will explore these election options in more detail.

During this initial phase, we strongly recommend that you review your Vacation Accrual Letter for accuracy.  If you have a question about your accrual, contact the Flight Attendant Vacation Team, Monday – Friday from 0800 – 1600 CT at 1 800 FLTLINE (Option 1,9, & 1) or from LHR at 0800-89-6516.  Alternatively, e-mail your questions to FAVactionTeam@united.com with your questions.

Additional information is available via our Vacation Microsite on the MEC website.  In addition, the annual Vacation Article by our Central Schedule Committee is available on the Committee home page.

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