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AFA Debrief: September 29, 2022

Date: September 29, 2022

AFA Debrief – September 29, 2022

  •        AFA Hurricane and Natural Disaster Resources
  •        Discouraging the Opt-in for CCS 7.Q.1 Reassignments
  •        Variable Staffing Position(s) & Overstaffing
  •        Third Trimester CBT 2022p1 – DUE OCT 30!
  •        Special COLA – November 2022
  •        Door Operation App Requirement
  •        AFA Welcomes Class 2230!
  •        MEC Committee Election – Central Schedule Committee

AFA Hurricane and Natural Disaster Resources

Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by the current natural disaster, Hurricane Ian.

United’s Network Operations Center (NOC) continues to track this storm and is expected to adjust the airlines’ schedules to ensure safety of our passengers, employees, and aircraft.

If you are scheduled to work but have been impacted by the hurricane (i.e., power outage, family/personal safety), contact FAST to let the company know you will be unable to take your assigned flight. Additionally, you can reach out to the Inflight Duty Manager (IFDM) at 1-800-358-5463 (FLT-LINE) Option 8.

Flight Attendants affected by these storms are encouraged to monitor their schedules.   

For more information: AFA Hurricane Resources >

Discouraging the Opt-in for CCS 7.Q.1 Reassignments

Earlier this month, United announced their intent to implement a voluntary, non-Contractual method of receiving notification through CCS for reassignments pursuant to Section 7.Q.1. of our Contract instead of speaking with crew scheduling on the phone through the well-established notification process. On September 9, we addressed this announcement and the fact that implementation of this process did not involve discussions with the Union. We continue to assert that while this option may appear on the surface as being a win-win, it has significant potential ramifications that are beneficial for the company and detrimental to Flight Attendants.

At this time, we continue to strongly discourage you from participating in the “opt in.” If, however, you have opted in, keep in mind you will have done so for the October bid month and will not have the ability to rescind your decision for the month.  For this reason, we want you to be aware that you also have the ability to change your mind and “opt back out” by changing your selection before the October bid month begins at 0001 this evening.

Variable Staffing Position(s) & Overstaffing

Not too long ago, we provided you with a news article as it relates to variable staffing answering questions about how to assign jumpseat and work positions when the number of Flight Attendants assigned to work a flight exceeds the number of Flight Attendants required by the Established Staffing Guidelines (ESGs).  This is often referred to as overstaffing.

Recent publications to Pursers about staffing tests that are being conducted during the month of October are reportedly creating some confusion. 

As the International Purser / Purser, refer to the staffing sheet and assign the next jump seats in numerical numbers to identify where any Flight Attendants above the required ESG (overstaffed) will be assigned a jumpseat and where they will work.  If you have more than one (1) Flight Attendant above the ESG, the Flight Attendants whose addition to the crew creates the overstaffing will decide, in seniority order, will determine their work position and the corresponding next numerical jumpseat connected with that work position they will occupy.

As an example: On the B787-8 (78H) configuration: 28 (UPB) / 21 (UPP) / 194 (UE) for a total of 215 economy passengers.

  •       FAA minimum: 7
  •       Domestic Established Staffing Guideline (ESG): 7
  •       International ESG: 7
  •       International Variable ESG when the combined passenger loads in United Economy and (EU) United Premium Plus (UPP) is 172 or greater: 8

In a circumstance where a flight to a certain international city is full leaving the U.S. but not full returning from the international point, you could be (over)staffed at 8 when the passenger loads in economy (including UPP) is less than 172 passengers.  This constitutes overstaffing.  The Flight Attendant either assigned during the monthly bid with a pairing of 63XX or, if built in the operation with a variable position of 9XIX, would work the next numerical position on the staffing sheet which would be FA08. This is their work position and jumpseat, even if the passenger loads in economy are less the 172.

If the passenger count in economy or the premium cabin are light, as an International Purser / Purser, you can always ask for volunteers to assist in another cabin when the service is completed in their assigned cabin as no one is finished until we are all finished, and all passengers have been served.

However, what cannot be done is the assignment of the variable staffing position into an alternate cabin to “enhancement staff,” for example, the premium cabin.

Please note, the identifier on the staffing sheet stating “variable staffing position if UE loads are XX or higher” is there to indicate when you should receive the International Variable ESG position or when you would receive short crew pay if the variable Flight Attendant is not on board.  This should not be misunderstood to be an indicator that the position can be assigned to work somewhere else on the aircraft or to supplement staffing in another cabin.

If you have additional questions, contact your AFA Local Council.

Third Trimester CBT 2022p1 – DUE OCT 30!

The Third Trimester CBT is now available for completion and is required to be completed by October 30, 2022 - 2359 Central Standard Time. This CBT session is anticipated to take approximately three (3) to three forty-eight (3:48) hours to complete.

Log into TakeOff Learning on Flying Together and select Continuing Qualifications (CQ) 2022p1 Fall Trimester.

As provided in Section 11.B.2. of our Contract, Flight Attendants will be compensated at one (1:00) hour flight time credit for every three (3:00) hours of home study or training, prorated. In no case shall a Flight Attendant receive less than one-hour (1:00) flight time pay and credit.

As a reminder, it is a good practice to keep a record of any completed CBT segments. In the event that your completion is not accurately recorded, proof of completion can prevent you from needing to re-take a segment. We suggest keeping a screenshot of completed segments or a copy of the CBT completion email for your records.

Reference these 
Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding CQ 2022 CBTs.

Special COLA – November 2022

Crew Schedule Planning has determined there may be opportunities to offer one (1) month Special COLAs for the November schedule month which begins on October 31, 2022.  

If interested, please submit a request by going to CCS > Leaves > Special COLA. The deadline to submit a request this one-month Special COLA is Wednesday, October 12, 2022, at 0800 CT.

As a reminder, to be awarded a Special COLA, Flight Attendants must be qualified to fly at the time of the Special COLA award. Flight Attendants are also required to maintain qualifications while on the Special COLA.

For more information regarding Special COLAs please visit: Flying Together > My Work > My Department > Crew Planning, Scheduling and Administration > In This Section > Crew Planning > COLAs, Partnerships and Jobshares.  

Questions regarding the award of Special COLAs should be directed by e-mail to Inflightcrewstaffing@united.com

Door Operation App Requirement

On Friday, September 16, 2022, management published an In the Know advising probationary Flight Attendants of the requirement to review the door operation app for all the aircraft types you may be assigned as part of your pairing.  It’s important to clarify that this review of the various aircraft types can be self-paced as long as you have viewed the applicable door operation prior to operating the flight segment on that aircraft type.  We encourage a dedicated and methodical approach when reviewing these videos to avoid any situation where the review might cause confusion.

If, as a result of the review of these door operations videos, you have questions about the door operation on any of the aircraft types in our fleet, don’t hesitate to contact your Local Safety Committee for assistance.

AFA Welcomes Class 2230!

We are excited to welcome our newest flying partners from Class 2230 as part of our Flight Attendant community. Our newest flying partners will begin their careers at bases in DEN, ORD, and IAD.

We encourage you to welcome each of them as we work through the last peak of the summer season, help them learn from your experience, and get them started on a path to success and adventure in their new career.

Please remember that our newest Members are on probation. To ensure that they receive the most accurate information to support them, direct them to their Local Council for assistance on Contractual issues.

And if you would like to become an AFA Buddy, reach out to your Local Council to learn how you can become part of this vital link to their success.

MEC Committee Election – Central Schedule Committee

At the upcoming Fall 2022 Regular United Master Executive Council (MEC) Meeting in Chicago, the United MEC will fill one (1) Member of the Central Schedule Committee position.

All active Members in good standing interested in serving in one of the positions listed on the MEC Elections page, should submit a resume and/or a signed “Willingness to Serve” statement.

In order to ensure the Membership is familiar with all of the candidates running for election, we ask that you submit your Willingness to Serve with as much notice as possible prior to the election date. Willingness to Serve statements and resumes should be sent to the United MEC Secretary/Treasurer by e-mail at mecsec@unitedafa.org.

In the interest of protecting our privacy, Willingness to Serve Statements should not include personal information or employment history as they will be posted on the United MEC website for public viewing. Resume information, if desired, should be in a separate document and will be shared with the Members of the MEC for their consideration and review. 

Additional details, qualification requirements and information on submitting your Willingness to Serve is listed on the United AFA’s Notice of Election postings website page.


  • SEP 15 – OCT 15 Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month
  • SEP 25 – OCT 15 Vacation Elections Open
  • OCTOBER – Breast Cancer Awareness Month



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