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FAA Server Outage – Resolved

Date: January 11, 2023

Earlier today, the FAA experienced a nationwide outage of the system that sends out important real-time hazards and restrictions to all commercial airlines pilots – Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM).

Many crews and passengers may continue to see some delays and cancellations as the FAA, United, and some airport stations work in restoring flight schedules.

We are asking for those of you who are not actively working today or who may have future scheduling questions for the crew desk to please delay placing your calls until later in the day or tomorrow.   This will provide Crew Scheduling the opportunity to catch up in the operations.  If your question is of an urgent nature affecting today’s operation, the Inflight Duty Manager and local base management may be additional options for assistance.

Just like when weather causes irregularities, our Contract includes reassignment parameters which allow United management in responding to operational irregularities while ensuring certain pay and schedule protections for United Flight Attendants.

When irregular operations disrupt our scheduled flight sequences, Flight Attendants should first reference the contractual reassignment protections of Section 7.Q. in the current Contract.  

We are all encouraged to carry our Contract and keep it close at hand when referring to the reassignment language that applies based on when the irregularity occurs, i.e., before leaving the Domicile or mid-sequence. 

Download a copy of the current Contract today at unitedafa.org.

As for our passengers who may continue to see delays and cancellations as United works to restore the flight schedule, they should be directed to check the United app or united.com for the latest information about their individual flight.

For more information, please contact your Local Council or Inflight Duty Manager.



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