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Vacation Buy Back & 401(k) Deferral Payments - First Quarter of 2023

Date: January 12, 2023

Flight Attendants who elected to participate in the Annual Vacation Buy Back option during the 2023 election window can expect the payout for the buyback hours in the first quarter of the affected year, typically in the month of February. This also applies for those vacation hours deferred to the 401(k). Specifically, payment(s) will appear on the first pay check in February.

As set forth in the language of Section 12.D. of our Contract, Vacation Buy Back requires the company to offer an option for Flight Attendants to take pay in lieu of accrued vacation that would otherwise be used in the next Scheduled Vacation year. In this process, the Flight Attendant must opt to “sell” at least six (6) days of accrued vacation. Flight Attendants will be paid the value of the days sold back plus an incentive payment provide the proper notification during the Election period that occurs prior to annual Vacation Bidding.

As a reminder, the Buy Back earnings are subject to all applicable income tax withholding. Additional information, including a previous news article on how to calculate the amount of vacation payment can be found on unitedafa.org.

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