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Your Attention Required: Complete CBT

Date: January 26, 2023

Your Attention Required: Winter Trimester Completion Date Signals End of 18-month CQ Training Cycle

Over the past several weeks we’ve been including reminders in our weekly editions of Debrief about the due date for completion of the Winter 2023 Trimester CBT. This deadline, January 29, 2023 at 2359 CT is imminent and with its arrival is a consequence that none of us will want to experience to the extent we can avoid it.

As was communicated in the January 4, 2023 ISW, non-completion of this particular Trimester CBT will result in the affected Flight Attendant(s) becoming non-qualified (NQ) and they will be removed from flight status as of 0001 on February 1, 2023 if any CQ CBT is incomplete.

Because of the sensitivity of this issue and its potential impact on our earning potential, we are recommending that everyone verify their completion status by reviewing their Learning Transcripts using the following path: Flying Together >> Employee Services >> Takeoff >> Learning >> My Transcripts. Once at this page, filter your transcripts by Active which will deliver a list of open transcripts that require completion. All 2022 Trimester CBTs must be completed in their entirety by the January 29, 2023 2359 CT deadline.

It cannot be stressed strongly enough, once you enter into a non-qualified (NQ) status, you will be unable to work any flights until you have been scheduled for the limited (R19) seats and completed Requalification (R19) training. In the interest of ensuring there is a clear understanding of what is involved, the R19 training has 12 – 13 hours of CBT pre-work and two days of classroom training. As a result of the limited number of seats available for this training, you may experience an extended period of time in NQ status.

The new CQ period will run from February 2023 – July 2024. If starts on February 1, 2023 and officially resets the CQ training cycle.

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