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Continuing Qualifications (CQ) 2023p2 - Fall due October 30

Date: October 12, 2023

The Fall 2023p2 Continuing Qualifications (CQ) Computer-Based Training (CBT) must be completed by 2359 CST on October 30, 2023. If you've already finished the CBT, you're good to go. To access the CBT, simply log in to TakeOff Learning and select the Fall 2023p2 Continuing Qualifications (CQ) module.

We highly recommend keeping a record of completed CBT segments as a best practice. In case your completion isn't accurately recorded, having proof, such as a screenshot of the completed segments or a copy of the CBT completion email, can help you avoid the need to retake a segment.

Also, if you happen to notice any discrepancies or missing compensation, please submit a pay claim through Help Hub.

For additional information, please go to Flying Together: My Work > Training & Qualifications > Continuing Qualifications (CQ).

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