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International SOS Security and Medical Aid

Date: October 12, 2023

United Airlines has partnered with International SOS to offer security and medical aid to its employees and crews in various situations, whether they are emergency or non-emergency in nature.

To access International SOS, you can use the International SOS Assistance App on your LINK device. This app is designed to connect you with medical and security professionals who operate around the clock in offices worldwide. Recent updates to the app have been implemented to enhance the accuracy of locating and communicating with you. We strongly encourage you to log into the updated app and create your profile to be well-prepared in case you require assistance while far from home.

Consider carrying the International SOS card with United's unique corporate ID number when traveling internationally. This can be especially valuable in case of emergencies.


Print a new International SOS card

View FAQ about MedAire/ International SOS

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