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Power In Action!

Date: October 26, 2023

No more delay! Contract NOW!

Flight Attendants have spoken, and it’s time for management to listen. We have made it clear; we are willing to do #WhateverItTakes to get the industry leading Contract we deserve.

Too long we have been expected to give our all to a company that views its workers as numbers and not the backbone of our airline. United continues to profit, and it’s time for them to acknowledge our labor through an industry-leading Contract. Our work and sacrifices have contributed to making United the largest airline in the world. But big doesn’t necessarily mean the best.

We know our worth and know that our work has driven the success of this airline. If we are to be the best, our collective success as an airline can only be achieved through a Contract that reflects the priorities United Flight Attendants have demanded in these negotiations.

Today, thousands of you joined together on the picket line and told management in a clear and unified voice that we will not accept ANY concessions. The status-quo must go, and we demand an industry leading Contract. We showed our strength, solidarity, and unity and made it clear to management that we are a force to be reckoned with. Our power will drive our success, and we will get the job done.

Our show of strength and personal commitment in wearing our RED AFA pin every time we fly, participating in our social media RED out, and supporting each other from around the globe as a part of our virtual picket is the kind of collective action that is driving us forward.

This is Our Time. Our Contract. Our Future. Our Day of Action!

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