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United Airlines Orders More Planes With More Benefits For Travelers

Date: October 27, 2023

United Airlines Orders More Planes With More Benefits For Travelers

Forbes - Geoff Whitmore

October 27, 2023

Travel is increasing as more people have taken a trip this past year. Additionally, several airlines have announced more flights that are being added to their itineraries, including many to overseas destinations. United Airlines is one of the major airlines adding to its lineup by ordering more aircraft.

United Airlines Purchases More Planes

United has ordered 110 Boeing and Airbus jetliners, with the first batch delivered in 2028. This purchase essentially seals the deal for United to get new planes, as supply and demand have taken a toll on aircraft and are causing issues.

United placed an order for 50 Boeing 787-9s, which will be used for overseas travel. Those will be delivered between 2028 and 2031. The major airline is also purchasing 60 Airbus A321neos, with expected delivery between 2028 and 2030. Additionally, up to 50 more Boeing 787s and 40 A321neos are also on hold for United for the latter part of this decade.

Andrew Nocella, United’s chief commercial officer, explained earlier this month, “Production lines, which are now regularly plagued by supply-chain disruptions and delivery delays, are also increasingly sold out for the entire decade.”

The delivery of nearly 800 new narrowbody and widebody aircraft is expected between 2028 and the end of 2032.

Meeting Travel Demands And Trends And Possibly Lowering Costs

United is just one of the major airlines that are ordering more aircraft. Because of demand, airlines are looking for larger planes to fit more travelers. In fact, United announced that 2024 will have the most extensive transatlantic schedule in its history, with new international flights being flown as soon as February 2024.

Another aspect that the new planes help with is the reduction of carbon emissions compared to older models. United expects 75% of its fleet to be new by 2030 and the entire fleet to be net zero by 2050.

Features like a seatback screen, more overhead space, Bluetooth capabilities and WiFi are still available on narrow-bodied planes. Wide-bodied aircraft will continue to include business class pods, lie-flat seating and larger seatback screens.


United’s announcement should be welcome news for travelers since it may mean more availability at a lower cost. The airline is the largest carrier in the Atlantic and the Pacific. With orders for more aircraft, United will have more fleet than any airline worldwide.

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