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2024 Vacation Re-Award & Rebid Process

Date: November 18, 2023

We have been alerted by the company of the necessity to re-award portions of round one vacation and provide an opportunity to modify round two vacation bids, as a result of the company improperly capturing November and December transfers.

While acknowledging the company would need to correct the issue, our discussion focused on ensuring seniority is respected in the award while also pursuing the least disruptive corrective path for our Membership.

There are ten (10) bases impacted by having fewer allotments than they should have in round one (1) of vacation bidding: AUS, FLL, GUM, LAS, LAX, MCO, ORD, PHX, SFO and TPA. These bases will have their round (1) award modified, using the current bids on file, to reflect the additional allocations in these locations and re-awarded.

The remaining 8 bases were allocated greater allotments than they should have: BOS, DEN, EWR, HNL, IAD, IAH, LHR and SAN. These bases will not have their round 1 award modified and current awards will stand.

During the re-award process the visibility of all round one (1) awards will be removed and republished later the same day, once the process is completed. This includes the unaffected bases, whose awards will be visible again at the end of the process with no change.

New round two (2) allocations will be published and then bidding for round two vacation will reopen. You may leave your current round two (2) bid on file and it will be used in the award process, or all bases have the opportunity to modify their current bid on file.

The revised timeline will be as follows:

Additional details are available in the company’s communication on CCS. We encourage you to become familiar with your options and the revised timeline to make the best choices for your circumstances.

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