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Understanding a Pairing from Standby and the Associated Pay

Date: February 21, 2023

Many pay factors interact and are paid in combination with actual flight assignments.  One such pay factor is the pay and credit we receive for time spent on Standby once we have been given a flight assignment or pairing from standby (PSB). 

Maintaining our flight time records is a mutual responsibility of the company (Crew Pay) and the individual Flight Attendant.  Reviewing our hours and pay is something we should do on a regular basis after each trip to ensure we capture any missing pay factors before the end of the month. How pay and credit for pairings received from standby (PSB) is applied appears to be one such area where a refresher might be valuable.

Under our Section 8.N.4., “A Standby Reserve who is required to report to the airport and actually flies, shall receive one-half (1/2) pay and flight time credit for the standby time in addition to any assigned flight time. Time spent on standby is calculated from report time to one hour prior to the scheduled departure time of the assigned pairing.


A Reserve reports for Standby at 0700 and is later given a flight assignment with a 1000 departure which is a one day pairing with a value of 5:45.

The Reserve will receive the following:

PSB Pay & Credit

½ credit for two hours on standby (0700 – 0900 = 2hrs/2 = 1 hr)


One day Pairing

Published Value of pairing


Total Pay for PSB


As a Reserve, when assigned standby, the best way to ensure you receive proper credit is to document each assignment. One of the very best ways to do this is to obtain screenshots or printouts of scheduled assignments as changes are occurring.  

If you have a question or run into what appears to be a pay discrepancy, start by utilizing the pay claim form or Pay Inquiry/Payable Hours Inquiry Form which can be accessed via Help Hub.

For more information, please contact your AFA Local Council.

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