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AFA Reporting System – Memberlink Grievance Portal Update

Date: February 23, 2023

Last December, we launched our new AFA database & reporting system which can be accessed from our website at www.unitedafa.org. This new Memberlink Grievance Portal reporting page has been designed to provide you with a tool to update your personal information on file with AFA and to improve your experience when filling out Local Council Worksheets. 

Our efforts in this regard have been underway for several months as we collaborated in the development of a membership and grievance database system. This system improves your ability to communicate with your Union, using your preferred contact information, to file and follow-up on the status of any Local Council Worksheets you may have submitted. 

We understand there has been some confusion when signing up for a user account in this new reporting system. To clarify, given the development of the new Grievance Database, there are now two separate login screens; one for www.unitedafa.org website and the other the Memberlink database access:

1. To view member only information that is protected from public view within www.unitedafa.org, use the login tab found on the front landing page of the website in the top right corner. Alternatively, any attempt to access secure information prior to login will result in your being re-directed to login before you are provided access to that information.

2. When submitting a Local Council Worksheet, or to update personal contact information, access the Memberlink Grievance Portal graphic found on the front page of the www.unitedafa.org website. Alternatively, any effort to submit a Report or Form will also direct you to this page.

Creating a Sign-On for Memberlink

On your first visit to the Memberlink page, you will be asked to “Sign Up Now” which will require that you have your employee (file) number, leaving off the “U” and any leading zerosThe system is programmed to accept just the numbers. For example, if your Employee (file) number is u001234, enter only 1234 to start the validation process for setting up an account. The system requires you to set a unique password to access your account. Your account will always be identified by your employee (file) number. Be advised, the system is not designed to accept corporate e-mail (united.com addresses). Please provide a personal e-mail address. 

Once submitted, you will receive an authentication email that will be valid for one hour. If you do not receive the email within ten (10) minutes, we recommend that you check your spam folder. When you select the verification link contained in the email, you will be redirected to the new site.

Having established an account, you will have an opportunity to verify and provide the Union with your preferred contact information – address, telephone number(s) and e-mail addresses. It is particularly important to understand that this site is a dedicated Union website. Address, telephone & email address information provided is not exchanged with the company and cannot be used to report address changes to United management.  

Any updates to your contact information will be verified via a manual process before being saved. For this reason, these changes will not appear immediately.

Please note – if you elect to use an International address or phone number, we ask that you use the “Additional Comments” field to input your data so that we are able to ensure it is entered into the system in the correct address and phone field format of your country of residence. 

On the home page there is a link to file a new Local Council Worksheet. You will be able to track the status of any current or past cases via the “My Profile” link located on the landing page.

For the present time, please continue to use the page https://www.unitedafa.org/reports to file the following reports: Hotel & Transportation, Call Wait Times, Professional Standards, General Incident, Marginal Service & Staffing, Safety and Uniforms.

If you continue to encounter any difficulty in establishing your Memberlink account, you can contact us at memberlink@unitedafa.org or call 800 624 3907 extension 522.

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