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Standby Pre-Boarding Assignment Reminders

Date: February 3, 2023


Standby Reserve assignments are provided for under Section 8.N.7. of our Contract. When a Standby Reserve is assigned to pre-board, the Flight Attendant’s expectation should always be that they will be taking the flight, regardless of any verbal expectation that may have been set by the scheduler.

Remember, the assignment must be made by the end of the 4th hour of Standby, and the assigned flight must be scheduled to depart before the end of the 5th hour from Standby check-in, except when the company is in a drafting situation. 

NOTE: If initially assigned to pre-board by the end of the 4th hour of Standby, but the determination the Flight Attendant will need to take the flight is made after the end of the 4th hour, it is treated as if the Flight Attendant was assigned to the pairing when assigned to the pre-board.

Make safety the priority. After checking in with the agent at the departure gate just before boarding the aircraft conduct necessary crew briefings and safety checks. Stow your bags in the designated position assigned to you on the briefing sheet. This ensures that if you are replaced by the original crew member there is a space for their bags and helps to avoid delays in crew transition.

If the decision is made that you will be working the flight, you should expect to be notified by Crew Scheduling at which point the pairing should be updated to reflect the accurate crew list for safety and security purposes and this should occur prior to door closure. If it does not, notify the Captain and the Purser and document the safety concern by filing an ISAP report.

Additional Pre-Boarding Considerations

  • Standbys are limited to four (4) pre-boarding assignments per Standby period.
  • If the pre-boarding assignment extends beyond the 4-hour Standby period, the Flight Attendant will be paid and credited with one hour (1:00) toward her/his line value in addition to the minimum five-hour (5:00) Standby pay and credit.
  • A Reserve who is given a pre-boarding assignment which extends after the end of the Standby period will be released at the end of the assignment, and in no event will be required to stay beyond one (1) hour after the conclusion of the Standby period.

Learn more about Reserve legalities visit Unitedafa.org – Reserve Resources.

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