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Contact Your Local AFA Union Representatives First!

Date: March 16, 2023

When Flight Attendants have contractual or legality questions, always contact the AFA Local Council Representatives first.

While the company’s “Concierge Desk” (i.e., Duty Desk) may be helpful in some situations, those staffing the desks are company representatives who are not always trained in the application of the language of our Contract and, perhaps unintendedly, may not always convey accurate information. 

Despite our good intentions to render assistance and provide immediate answers to our flying partners, Flight Attendants are strongly encouraged to refrain from responding to or posting contractual issues/questions on social media. The only way a Flight Attendant can guarantee they are obtaining a factually accurate response to any Contract issue is by utilizing the knowledge and training of their Local Representatives who are versed in our Contract.

To find your Local Council Representative, visit unitedafa.org

And, as always, remember to wear your AFA pin, carry your Contract (electronically or wire-bound book), and fly safe.

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