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Celebrating 21 Years of AFA E-Lines and Debrief

Date: March 2, 2023

While Debrief is our current twice-weekly electronic newsletter, AFA E-lines refers to the original electronic newsletter published by the United Master Executive Council Communications Committee. The AFA E-lines newsletter provided information and updates on issues affecting Flight Attendants, including collective bargaining, legislative advocacy, scheduling, Reserve and safety and health concerns.

This week marks the 21st anniversary of the establishment of our first electronic newsletter: AFA E-lines. Over the past two decades, AFA E-lines became an important communication tool for United Flight Attendants, providing a direct line of communication with their Union and helping to build a sense of community among Flight Attendants within and across different base locations around the world.

Through AFA E-lines and now AFA Debrief, all United Flight Attendants have the opportunity to stay engaged with our Union activities, and be informed on issues affecting our profession. Issues such as efforts to improve safety and health standards, addressing misapplications of the Contract by management, and negotiate for an Industry Leading Contract with the management in place at that point in our Union’s history. The newsletter has served to amplify the voices of United Flight Attendants and raise awareness of the important role each of us play in the aviation industry.

As we continue to evolve in our communication vehicles, we celebrate the foundation and history AFA E-Lines has, giving us strength and power to reach you over the past 21 years.

Cheers to our future!

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