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Group Universal Life Insurance (GUL)

Date: March 21, 2023

Group Universal Life Insurance (GUL) is the voluntary life insurance product for all Flight Attendants.

For Flight Attendants returning from Leaves of Absence (LOA), including those returning from Special COLAs, auto-enrollment in Group Universal Life Coverage (GUL), administered by Securian, will occur for those who did not elect to maintain coverage while on Leave or who had not previously elected this coverage.

These individuals will be enrolled in Group Universal Life Coverage under the same conditions as a new hire Flight Attendant. With no requirement to provide Evidence of Insurability (EOI), Flight Attendants are automatically provided coverage at four (4) times their annual salary and $30,000 coverage for a spouse/domestic partner.

Additionally, if the Flight Attendant reduced her/his coverage below the default coverage limits, the auto-enrollment feature will “bump up” the coverage back up to four times the annual salary for the employee and $30,000 for the spouse or domestic partner.

In every instance when coverage is reinstated through the auto-enrollment process, an enrollment package is mailed from Securian’s office the following day directly to the employee at her/his address of record with United Airlines. The package includes a notice advising that auto-enrollment has occurred and the coverage that is being provided along with instructions on how to go about cancelling coverage if it is not wanted.

This auto-enrollment feature was negotiated in the interest of and for the protection of our Members. The auto-enrollment feature, along with no requirement to provide Evidence of Insurability, ensures that our Members who may have received an adverse medical determination while out on leave are able to provide some level of financial security for their family. Along with this auto-enrollment feature, AFA negotiated a 45-day period following auto-enrollment during which the employee is able to cancel coverage without penalty and is guaranteed a return of any premiums paid if cancelled during this period.  

In the event the Flight Attendant does not want this default GUL coverage, or wants to reduce it, they must respond to the enrollment kit received from Securian during the 45-day window. To cancel or reduce coverage, the most effective and expeditious way to cancel/decline coverage is to call Securian directly at 866 887 1043 and advise the Securian representative of your desire to do so.  Securian has an electronic process, utilizing Docusign, in place that will allow you to authorize the cancellation electronically.  Keep in mind, if you and your spouse are auto-enrolled in coverage, you must request separate cancellation forms for both coverage types if your intent is to cancel coverage for both of you.

Keep in mind, until the cancellation form is processed by Securian, payroll deductions continue. 

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