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Cart Safety and Proper Handling

Date: March 28, 2023

As we enter the season of thunderstorms and increased clear air turbulence with the arrival of spring, it's important to remember the criticality of cart safety and proper handling. Improper usage or positioning of carts can lead to quick injuries to Flight Attendants and restrict access to jumpseats, compromising our ability to protect ourselves during unexpected turbulence.

To avoid such incidents, it's imperative to always follow standard operating procedures, which include:

  • Never leaving a cart unattended. If a Flight Attendant is more than three rows away from the cart, it's considered unattended.
  • Parking carts in their normal galley takeoff/landing positions and restraining them if they need to be parked elsewhere.
  • Ensuring the cart brake is engaged when not in use.
  • Maintaining the galley and carts in an orderly manner at all times, keeping supplies stowed or in their containers and the top of the carts clear.
  • Discontinuing serving hot liquids and removing them from the cart during light turbulence when service can continue.
  • Not letting carts restrict immediate access to jumpseats or emergency equipment.

By complying with these Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), we can ensure swift access to jumpseats for all crew members during unexpected turbulence and keep everyone safe.

Remember, clear air and unexpected turbulence can lead to career-ending injuries, so it's not worth taking the chance. Let's work together to uphold cart safety and proper handling.

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