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Cabin Jumpseat Authority (CJA) on Weight Restricted Flights

Date: March 29, 2023

Flight Attendants will not be denied jumpseat authority if a physical jumpseat is available, even if the aircraft is weight restricted. However, the number of Flight Attendants using jumpseat authority on weight restricted flights may be limited to the number of available physical jumpseats.

To ensure smooth jumpseat procedures, Flight Attendants must follow these guidelines:

  1. Check-in for the jumpseat no later than 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure.
  2. Flight Attendants who have checked in at least 30 minutes prior to departure will be awarded available jumpseats in Jumpseat Seniority order. If self-service electronic means are not available, Flight Attendants may list and check in with Customer Service Representatives (CSR) no later than scheduled departure.
  3. Walk-up jumpseating will be permitted on a first come first served basis, after Flight Attendants who have met the 30-minute check-in requirement have been awarded jumpseats.
  4. Available Flight Attendant jumpseats may be awarded prior to non-revenue seats or other jumpseat authority riders. If a Flight Attendant declines the jumpseat award, they will be removed from the jumpseat list. The goal is to award available jumpseats 25 minutes prior to scheduled departure, and Flight Attendants must be present when the jumpseat is awarded.
  5. When seats are available in the cabin after all stand-by passengers (revenue and non-revenue) have been boarded, Flight Attendants may travel in the cabin on jumpseat authority, even if the jumpseats are occupied, as long as it does not displace revenue passengers.

For any additional questions regarding jumpseating, please contact your Local Council Office.

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