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Negotiations & Contract Campaign Training

Date: March 30, 2023

This week, our Union leaders and MEC Committee Members have taken an important step forward in advocating for your rights and interests in the aviation industry. Over 90 AFA Representatives from all levels of our Union attended a Negotiations & Contract Campaign Training to expand their knowledge and enhance their skills in representing your interests during our current Contract negotiations with United Airlines management.

This training has been designed to equip our Union leaders with the latest negotiation strategies, tactics, and best practices in this Contract campaign. We continue to build and strengthen our collective ability to be effective in engaging with airline management and fight for fair wages, benefits, working conditions, and job security for you and our flying partners.  We acknowledge and appreciate the support and contributions of our International Officers and Staff in making this training a success.

According to Sara Nelson, AFA-CWA International President, "Our Union leaders are the backbone of our union. Collectively, they stand up, together, for our rights, our safety, and our security. Through their attendance at this training, they will gain the skills they need, as well as an understanding of the tools available, to succeed in negotiations and contract campaigns which translates into better Contracts for our Members."

As Union leaders will attest, this training was crucial in light of recent challenges faced by United Flight Attendants, including increased workloads, decreased staffing, job security, and safety concerns, all of which have become crucial issues in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The attendance and participation of our Union leaders, all of whom are Flight Attendants, at this training is a positive development that underscores their commitment to our collective well-being and demonstrates the importance of using best strategies to set the bar in standing together in solidarity to achieve our collective objectives.  Attaining these objectives is required to reach an Agreement that will be ratified by the Membership.

Stay informed. Get engaged with your Union leaders as they fight for your rights and interests. Only together, we can achieve our goal for an industry leading Contract for United Flight Attendants.  Refer to www.contract2021.org for additional information.

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