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Call Wait Time Reports

Date: May 25, 2023

We continue to receive reports and photo screen shots from Flight Attendants who have encountered lengthy call wait times when trying to reach the Flight Attendant Support Team (FAST), Crew Scheduling and Crew Accommodations.

Management continues to tell us they have hired and trained additional scheduling personnel, yet there continues to be instances where your actual experience when calling during results in extended call wait times. We need to work to get to the root source of the issue.

As we enter what we expect will be a very busy travel season, we encourage you to continue to report on call wait times by submitting a Local Council Report. Please provide details (date, time of call, length of extended hold time, what you were trying to accomplish, etc.) on any of the extensive call wait times when calling the Flight Attendant Support Team (FAST), Crew Scheduling or Crew Accommodations when conducting routine tasks such as, obtaining hotel information, changes to Reserve assignments, or other pairing modifications. This is not the all-inclusive list of items; the list goes on. What matters is that you provide a complete picture of what you were trying to accomplish and any impediments you encountered in getting this done.  Keep in mind, you are able to attach screen shots to your Local Council Report to assist in documenting the call wait times. 

We remind you of our communication from earlier this year when we told you about the implementation of our new Grievance Database. In order to submit Local Council Worksheets, you must first create a new sign-on for the Grievance Database. Please review the information from our December 13, 2022 announcement. If you encounter difficulties in creating the new sign-on, use the links on the page to obtain additional assistance.

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