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Typhoon Mawar Update

Date: May 25, 2023

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by Typhoon Mawar which struck the island of Guam Wednesday night. Mawar was upgraded to a super typhoon, meaning that its maximum sustained winds were at least 150 miles per hour, as the storm moved over open water. The storm had packed Category 4-level winds of about 140 miles per hour at “just prior to midnight” local time on Wednesday, as it passed over Guam, according to a local meteorologist from the National Weather Service.

Our MEC Safety Health and Security Committee is coordinating with the Inflight Duty Manager and Local AFA Leadership to check on the wellbeing of crew members on the island. With most of Guam left without power it is a slow process to reach everyone affected.

There were no immediate reports of deaths or injuries. But the storm was so strong that it broke wind sensors and radar equipment that send meteorological data to the local Weather stations.

If you are in contact with any Flight Attendants living in Guam, please encourage them to contact the Inflight Duty Manager (IFDM) at 1-800-358-5463 for support. The safety and wellbeing of our Members affected by the typhoon is our top priority.

As we learn more about the current situation, we will share with all Members how they can help with recovery efforts and support our Union siblings. As a reminder the AFA Disaster Relief Fund is available to those affected. For those of us who would like to assist our colleagues in need, please consider a donation to the AFA Disaster Relief Fund by visiting AFA-CWA.org

The Guam airport is currently closed and will be evaluated on Friday to determine next steps in resuming service at the station.

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