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AFA Debrief: June 01, 2023

Date: June 1, 2023

AFA Debrief – June 1, 2023

  • Embrace the Official AFA Red Pin from June 1st Onward!
  • New Local Executive Council 22 represents FLL-MCO-TPA
  • International Flight Attendant Day
  • AFA Welcomes Class 2314!

Embrace the Official AFA Red Pin from June 1st Onward!

While there are numerous ways to showcase our power and unity as Flight Attendants, wearing the AFA pin is a direct and straightforward method to exhibit our solidarity.

As a cohesive group with shared interests and priorities, our true power lies in presenting a united front. To that end, the United Master Executive Council has authorized the customization of the official AFA pin in the color red, effective June 1, 2023. This change symbolizes our solidarity as members and our unwavering support for negotiating an agreement that acknowledges the indispensable role of Flight Attendants in United Airlines' success.

Over the past 18 months, our Union leadership has recognized management's focus on concessions rather than engaging in discussions on the terms and conditions of the Flight Attendant Contract, which should reflect the standards of a world-class, global airline. The current status quo is insufficient, and our Flight Attendants deserve a Contract that surpasses industry standards.

Through the Resolution adopted on May 4, 2023, we reiterate our commitment to achieving the priorities and goals outlined by our Flight Attendants, who stand in solidarity, speak with a unified voice, and demand management's attention, acknowledging that "my Negotiating Committee speaks for me."

We urge you to actively participate and pledge to wear our official AFA pin every time you report to work or attend training. This powerful gesture demonstrates our unwavering dedication to one another and emphasizes our unity as we collectively support the ongoing negotiations.

If you need a replacement, red AFA pins are available at your Local Council office.

New Local Executive Council 22 Represents FLL-MCO-TPA

It is with great excitement and pride to share some wonderful news. Our Union is expanding its reach and influence by opening a new Local Council in Florida today, representing our bases in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa as Council 22.

The establishment of our new Local Council signifies a significant milestone in our journey as an organization. It represents our commitment to better serve our members, enhance communication, and strengthen our collective voice. With this new Local Council, we aim to create a centralized source for our Florida bases that will foster a stronger sense of unity and empower each member to actively participate in helping to shape our Union's future while addressing the issues that are unique to these satellite bases.

Our AFA Executive Board has appointed an interim team of experienced and dedicated individuals all having prior Union experience to facilitate the work of the Local Council. Each of the interim officers brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to serve the collective group of Flight Attendants based at the three satellite bases. Whether you require assistance with workplace issues, want to explore educational opportunities, or seek guidance on matters related to benefits and our collective bargaining agreement, this established team will be there to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

In accordance with Article III.A.4. in our AFA Constitution & Bylaws, which makes the AFA Executive Board responsible to appoint temporary Local Council Officers, the following AFA Members in good standing have been appointed:

  • AFA Local Council 22 Interim President – Todd Failla (tfailla@unitedafa.org)
  • AFA Local Council 22 Interim Vice President – Cameron Matthews (cmatthews@unitedafa.org)
  • AFA Local Council 22 Interim Secretary – Randy Hatfield (rhatfield@unitedafa.org)

To mark the grand opening of this new Local Council, a Local Council 22 page has been added to our website at www.unitedafa.org. We invite you and your fellow Union members to join us in celebrating this significant achievement. A general e-mail has been established at AFACouncil22@unitedafa.org.

By coming together and fostering a strong sense of community, we can overcome challenges, negotiate better working conditions, and build a brighter future for all our members.

Please feel free to reach out to our new Local Council if you have any questions or require further information about our Local Council. We are here to address your concerns and ensure a seamless transition into this exciting new phase for our Union.

International Flight Attendant Day

International Flight Attendant Day, also known as International Cabin Crew Day or World Cabin Crew Appreciation Day, is an annual commemoration observed on May 31. The objective of this day is to pay tribute to and celebrate the dedicated professionals in the field of civil aviation who not only ensure the comfort of passengers during flights but, more significantly, prioritize their safety.

This celebration was initially established in Canada in 2015 by a Canadian union to recognize the role of cabin crew with the aim of honoring the remarkable contributions of Flight Attendants to the airline industry. Since then, International Flight Attendant Appreciation Day has been recognized and celebrated in numerous countries for several years.

While a number of misconceptions about the role of Flight Attendants persist, there is no confusion among the dedicated professionals committed to this work that our foremost responsibility is to ensure the safety of passengers on board every flight, every day. A notable example of our professionalism is evident in the well-known Hudson River landing, where Flight Attendants played a crucial role in successfully evacuating all passengers without any fatalities.

Our duties are many and varied and, often times imperceptible to the traveling public. These encompass conducting pre-flight safety briefings and checks, assisting passengers with their carry-on baggage, ensuring the preparedness of passengers seated in exit rows in the event of an emergency, conducting safety demonstrations, securing the cabin before takeoff, providing continuous customer service throughout the flight, administering first aid when necessary, and managing emergencies.

Moreover, we understand that being a Flight Attendant entails physically and emotionally demanding work. We spend a significant amount of time on our feet, working to meet the needs of the passengers in our care, often experience disruptions in our sleep patterns due to irregular work schedules and potentially face an increased risk of developing various health conditions as a result of our unique working conditions. Despite these challenges, our efforts in maintaining passenger safety and comfort, while not always acknowledged, remain our paramount concern.

While our professional demeanor and exceptional customer service are evident to our passengers, our unwavering commitment to safety may go unnoticed by casual observers. Above all else, we are safety professionals, always prepared to swiftly respond to emergencies.

On this day of appreciation, let us take a moment to recognize and value ourselves and our fellow Flight Attendants for the tireless work we carry out day in and day out.

AFA Welcomes Class 2314!

On behalf of your Union, we extend a warm welcome to the newest Members of our Flight Attendant family. We are thrilled to have the new flying partners on board, and we look forward to working together to ensure that our airline remains one of the best in the industry.

Our newest flying partners will begin their careers at our domiciles in CLE, EWR, and SFO.

Their professionalism, in-depth understanding of our experiences, and eagerness to be part of our community are all sources of encouragement for us. We firmly believe that these new members will enhance our profession with their unique talents and abilities, thereby strengthening our collective expertise. Please join us in welcoming them to our ranks as they join us on the line next week.

Please remember that our newest Members are on probation. To ensure that they receive the most accurate information to support them, direct them to their AFA Local Council for assistance on Contractual issues.

We encourage you to welcome each of them, help them learn from your experience, and get them started on a path to success and adventure in their new career.

And, if you are interested in supporting our newest Members, the AFA Buddy Program is for you! We are looking for Members to become an AFA Buddy in their Local Council. You will be given all the support and guidance to help our new hires find their footing during probation. Reach out to your Local Council and become a Buddy today!


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JUNE 14 – Flag Day
JUNE 18 – Father’s Day
JUNE 19 – Juneteenth
JUNE 20 – Summer CBT Due


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