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Communications with Crew Pay For Pairing & White Flag Updates

Date: June 28, 2023

Our airline has encountered unprecedented challenges that have resulted in various operational difficulties, including adverse weather conditions, technical issues, and unforeseen circumstances. We understand that Flight Attendants play a vital role in our operations, and we prioritize your well-being during these trying times.

We want to express our gratitude for your support in picking up the 300% offer, as it significantly benefits our flying partners. Your dedication is crucial, and we sincerely thank you for standing with us. It is our commitment to ensure that management provides reliable support to Flight Attendants amidst this disruption.

We are pleased to inform you that we are making progress in addressing the cancellations and delays, which is an encouraging sign. The company is regaining control over our operations, and we are actively working to resolve the numerous issues stemming from these recent events.

Crew Pay is fully aware of the implementation of the 300% white/purple flag for the period spanning from June 27 to July 6. They are collaborating closely with our IT department to determine the necessary steps to ensure that you receive the additional 150% pay for any pairings originating and ending within this timeframe. Please note that the initial 50% white/purple flag pay will be automatically posted and displayed in the CCS Pay Register. The remaining 150% for pairings within the June bid month will be paid on the July 16th pay advice.

Here are some important points to consider:

  •        For crossover pairings that commence in June and conclude in July, all white/purple flag activity occurring within the June bid period will be included in the July 16th pay advice. The portion of the crossover pairing happening in July will be compensated in your August 16th check. Likewise, any white/purple flag activity for pairings originating in the July bid period will also be paid on your August 16th check.
  •        We kindly request your understanding regarding the process of adding the additional white/purple flag pay, as it may not occur immediately. It will take some time for the CCS Pay Registers to be updated accordingly. Crew Pay is fully committed to ensuring accurate and timely payment for all Flight Attendants. They are actively exploring various options, and if there are any changes to the process described here, we will provide further communication.
  •        If you picked up White/Purple flag activity in June and do not see the 50% posting in your CCS Pay Register, please utilize the following link to the Help Hub. This will initiate the necessary research process to address the missing posting.
  •        For pairings originating in the July bid period and scheduled to be paid in August, if you have not seen a 50% posting by July 14th, we kindly request that you contact Crew Pay through the Help Hub to initiate an inquiry.

We want to emphasize the importance of caring for one another onboard the aircraft. Please ensure you prioritize the well-being of your fellow crew members and passengers. Remember that AFA EAP is available to provide support. If you, your family, or any of your crew members require assistance, we encourage you to reach out to your Local AFA EAP Committee as the initial point of contact. In the event you cannot reach a local volunteer, you may also call our international AFA EAP line at 1-800-424-2406. We strongly encourage all members to make use of the AFA EAP resources posted on our website at www.unitedafa.org.

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