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Harvard Flight Attendant Health Study Survey

Date: June 9, 2023

The Harvard Flight Attendant Health Study began in 2007 and is the largest ongoing study of flight crew well-being. The research group will be launching the 4th wave of the study on June 21, 2023. The success of this research will be instrumental for airlines, unions, crew members, and retirees in ongoing efforts to ensure the well-being of those doing this work that is vitally importance for the economic health of the communities serve across the globe.

The goal is to understand the prevalence of health conditions in current and retired U.S. and international flight crew and the relationship/prevalence of these conditions with working conditions – especially in light of the pandemic and its aftermath - in order to resolve some of the stressors in Flight Attendant work that can to early-onset illness and other diseases.

Anyone interested in participating can access the survey https://www.fahealth.org/join-2/.

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