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Reinforcing Safety as Our Top Priority – Ensuring eFAOM Compliance

Date: July 11, 2023

As dedicated Safety Professionals, we take great pride in our role and the crucial work we perform in ensuring the well-being of everyone on board our aircraft. However, we have recently noticed a number of factors that have diverted our attention from our primary focus. From new catering initiatives, operational meltdowns, and the constant influx of policy changes from the current management, we find ourselves overwhelmed by an abundance of information and distractions.

With each passing day, we receive a multitude of communications regarding these matters. Whether it's the Inflight News Weekly, Base Messages, CCS News, Inflight Scheduling's Focus, or John Slater's News of the week, it seems that just as we update our eFAOM, a new notification arrives. Amidst this deluge of information, it becomes all too easy to overlook important Safety Alerts.

Nevertheless, we must never lose sight of our paramount objective and purpose: safety. Our Electronic Flight Attendant Operations Manual (eFAOM) stands as our crucial resource, providing us with the most up-to-date information necessary for carrying out our duties as Safety Professionals whether onboard the aircraft or by attending CQ training. Each of us maintaining an up to date eFAOM demonstrates our personal commitment not only to this safety culture but also to our roles as Safety Professionals.

Stay focused, stay safe.

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