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Reporting: 2HOT2COLD

Date: July 18, 2023

As aviation's first responders, one of our goals is to ensure a safe environment from the moment passengers step foot on the aircraft.

During both Summer and Winter months, cabin air temperatures can become excessively high, creating hazardous conditions for the crew and passengers under our care. With the unusual weather patterns affecting the United States and other destinations globally, extreme weather has become more commonplace. However, it should never be considered normal to work on an aircraft that is too hot.

A warm aircraft during boarding can quickly escalate to a dangerously hot environment, putting both the crew and passengers at risk of experiencing symptoms like fatigue and dizziness, which may lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Surprisingly, as of today, neither the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) nor the Department of Transportation (DOT) have established operating requirements for cabin temperatures. To drive the necessary changes, we require data.

By reporting any instances of extreme temperature occurrences, known as 2Hot2Cold events, you are contributing crucial data that can aid the AFA in advocating for legislation that mandates safe aircraft temperature parameters.

In addition to reporting through 2HOT2COLD remember to file any necessary safety reports including ISAPS and IOR’s. This allows us to address this matter on two fronts, here at United and on Capitol Hill. 

You can take part in this effort by downloading the App from either the Apple Store or Google Play for Android.

Join us in our mission to fight against unsafe working conditions and ensure a secure and comfortable flying experience for all.

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