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Verified Union Pages on Social Media

Date: July 18, 2023

Ensuring accurate and timely communication within our Union is crucial to assisting our Members effectively. At United AFA, we are dedicated to enhancing and expanding our communication channels to align with how and where Members prefer to receive information.

Please remember that our official Facebook page is AFA United MEC. While there are numerous Facebook groups out there, some with similar names, these are private pages not managed by AFA Leadership. Additionally, Local Councils may have their own individual groups.

Our commitment lies in providing you with factual information. Social media platforms can sometimes be sources of misinformation, intentionally inaccurate or divisive content. We want to prevent well-meaning information from being misinterpreted and potentially leading to disciplinary issues.

Local Council or official AFA communication, such as Debrief, On the Line, or Negotiations News, remain the most reliable source of information. Our official Social Media Accounts like AFA United MEC serve as additional resources by sharing those same articles to reach a wider audience. These articles redirect to our AFA MEC website and can be trusted.

Always take the time to verify the credibility of the information source, regardless of where you receive it. We are all individually responsible for the information we share and trust. Prioritize Union-approved sources to combat the spread of misinformation effectively. Together, we can ensure transparent and accurate communication within our Union.

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