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Crew Badge Scanning

Date: July 25, 2023

With recent emphasis on adhering to proper Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Flight Attendants, it is essential that you scan your badge using the gate reader or the agent's "MAP" device when boarding a flight. It is equally important for customer service agents not to manually add Flight Attendants to the flight manifest when the gate reader is operational. However, there may be situations where a Flight Attendant's badge cannot be scanned due to damage.

In such cases, the damaged badge must be replaced promptly, as per the SOP, and Flight Attendants will receive an auto-populated email communication when manually added.  If you receive a notification from the company stating that the barcode on your badge is not scanning successfully at the United gate reader when attempting to board the aircraft, please make sure to obtain a replacement badge. Any damaged badge must be replaced. 

You can complete the Help Hub form to request a new badge, and if you encounter any difficulties during this process, feel free to contact your domicile safety advocate for assistance.

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