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United Reports 2023 Second-Quarterly Earnings

Date: July 25, 2023

We take immense pride in being one of the labor groups that contribute significantly to United Airlines' success. We firmly believe that companies are not merely defined by their financial numbers like balance sheets and earnings per share. Instead, they are primarily composed of highly skilled professionals who are wholeheartedly committed to providing excellent service to their passengers. The dedication and hard work of all United's people are the foundation of its financial achievements.

In line with this, United Airlines conducted its second-quarter earnings call last week. The results are impressive, with adjusted earnings per share reaching $5.03 and an adjusted pre-tax margin of 15.3%. Notably, the net income stood at $1.08 billion, generated from a revenue of $14.18 billion. Additionally, United's cross-Atlantic schedule has expanded significantly, now 32% larger compared to 2019.

As we continue to navigate forward in our negotiations process, it is important to remember that such growth and achievements are a testament to the collective efforts of our airline's dedicated labor force.

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