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Company Announced Change to Reserve Assignment Notification Process

Date: August 24, 2023

Today the company released a Scheduling Alert detailing their unilateral decision to alter the process used by Crew Scheduling when contacting Reserves for assignment. Starting August 31, 2023, Scheduling will call only the first and second telephone numbers on file in the “My Information” screen in CCS.


We want to emphasize that this change was initiated without our participation and against our express concerns. It is the position of AFA that despite the cited Contractual language, we have maintained a consistent understanding with the company over a period of many years whereby a Reserve was not deemed unavailable for contact unless Crew Scheduling had made three (3) calls over thirty (30) minutes spaced approximately ten (10) minutes apart to all numbers listed in CCS. This long-standing practice seems to be overlooked with the new decision.


We are certainly supportive of endeavors to reduce call wait times for our Flight Attendants. We have even proposed to management several measures that would aid in this regard. However, eliminating an established opportunity for Reserves to connect with Crew Scheduling to accept their assignment doesn’t align with these efforts. It is also, in our view, a violation. Therefore, in consultation with the United MEC Officers and the MEC Grievance Committee, an MEC grievance will be filed in the coming days.


Until the grievance is heard, however, Flight Attendants who are on Reserve status should understand the company will be moving forward with this process change and will only use the first and second number on file in CCS when contacting you for assignment. You should also ensure the contact information shown in the CCS “My Information” screen is up to date and correct, as required in Section 8.K.3. of the Contract.


If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council.

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