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Day of Action – Thursday, August 31, 2023!

Date: August 31, 2023

On Thursday, August 31st, we are calling each of you to stand united as we embark on a system-wide Day of Action.

From voicing out to Local Council Leadership, sending letters to management, reporting prolonged call hold wait times, and more, each of you have unequivocally demonstrated the urgent need for change. Yet, disappointingly, these calls for this management to genuinely address the pertinent issues facing United Flight Attendants seem to fall on deaf ears.

It is imperative to emphasize that this is not just a Union Leadership movement — it is being spearheaded by each and every one of you. We are merely the channel conveying your sentiments and demands to this management. Our objective is simply to show the impact of their decisions on the United Flight Attendants.

We cannot help but question the sincerity of management's claims of caring for its Flight Attendants when they seem to turn a deaf ear to your concerns. The solutions are evident, and today, we'll outline a few vital ones that urgently demand attention, such as Call Wait Times, Contract Implementation, Layover Hotel issues, and many more.

If this management truly upholds the adage "Good Leads the Way," and indeed cares for us, then it is time for our messages to be heeded.

The summer has primarily seen us rally against the prolonged call hold wait times. While that remains a pressing concern, it's essential to remember the broader issues you highlighted to your Union leadership this year. These include:

  •         Call Wait Times at the Crew Desk and Flight Attendant Support Team.
  •         Full implementation of the Contract.
  •         Layover hotel and quality issues.
  •         Reserve Pool numbers affecting trading and schedule flexibility.
  •         Rescheduling issues due to aircraft schedule changes.
  •         Catering Issues.
  •         Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreements.

We have not only identified the problems but have also suggested practical solutions. For instance:

  •         Readjusting the Reserve Pool numbers to enhance flexibility.
  •         Enhancing pairing quality for United Flight Attendants.
  •         Adopting proactive measures in securing quality layover hotels.
  •         Reducing prolonged sit times.
  •         Expediting the establishment of Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreements.
  •         Immediate addressing of catering issues through local management.
  •         Prioritizing the full implementation of the Contract.
  •         Compensating United Flight Attendants for extended hold times.

These are but a few solutions that can lead to tangible, positive change. When Flight Attendants are genuinely supported, "Good Leads the Way" can be more than just a slogan – it can be our reality.

Your consistent communication has not been in vain. We have felt your frustration, anger, and even tears shed during extended wait times. While we have consistently presented solutions, many have been overlooked or dismissed by this management. Now, it's time to amplify our collective voice even further.

We strongly urge you to join us on the picket lines on August 31st. Let's stand united, demanding immediate attention and resolution to these issues. Picket lines will be present at every base, including satellites.

Remember, the time for change is now, and it starts with us.

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