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AFA Voluntary Long-Term Care Insurance Special Enrollment Opportunity

Date: August 8, 2023

AFA Voluntary Long-Term Care Insurance Special Enrollment:
August 14 – September 29  

Many Flight Attendants either know someone who has navigated the challenges of caregiving or have experienced it personally. They're aware of the rising costs associated with long-term care and the lack of insurance support for it.

Long-term care encompasses services required when individuals can't care for themselves and need significant medical assistance. This may include home health, nursing home, or skilled facility care. Unlike standard medical care, it focuses on aiding with basic daily tasks like personal hygiene, dressing, mobility, and feeding.  Such services can be costly, but with the security of our long-term care protection, both you and your spouse can be better prepared.

As an AFA member, you can explore a diverse range of Long-Term Care (LTC) solutions.  AFA-CWA is providing an additional opportunity with long-term care solutions to help manage these costs. Our Marketplace offers products that ease the physical, financial, and emotional strain of extended care needs. Plus, all members have access to free caregiving resources, even if they opt not to purchase the long-term care coverage.

Key benefits in this Marketplace program include a variety of long-term care insurance options and one with guaranteed underwriting for qualifying members. Some of the highlighted features in the Marketplace offering features:

• Comprehensive Coverage: Ensures care at home, in community settings, assisted living, or nursing homes.

• Portability: An individual policy that remains yours even if you switch jobs or retire.

• Affordable Rates: You may find the rates more reasonable than anticipated.

• Guaranteed Issue: Accessible for a limited duration for eligible plans.

• Complimentary Benefits: Offered regardless of insurance enrollment, including 10 hours of Papa Pals services and resources from Yourcare360.

Simplified Caregiving Support

  •       YourCare360 is your all-in-one hub for caregiving assistance. Sign up for free today to receive tailored solutions and support when required. Talk with a benefits expert or find assistance with home healthcare, legal matters, relocation, and more.
  •       Papa is a company that provides compassionate support, whenever and however you need it. Papa Pals act as companion caregivers, available in-person or over the phone. Members can avail 10 hours of Papa's services free for the next 12 months.

Here’s how AFA helps you tap into these benefits:

  •        Dial 888-340-0788 to converse with a specialist for any of these Marketplace benefits.
  •        Register for live sessions at AFA.yourcare360.com.
  •        Note: These exclusive benefits are available only during the special enrollment period.

You will be able to work with an expert consultant to design a plan that meets your needs and budget, ensuring peace of mind with protection against the physical, financial, and emotional consequences extended care can cause you and your family.

This Long-Term Care Marketplace Special Enrollment starts on August 14th. We urge you to explore this essential benefit.  Remember, the Guaranteed Issue is exclusively available during this unique enrollment window until September 29, 2023.






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