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Happy Labor Day!

Date: September 4, 2023

As we celebrate this Labor Day, let us pause to reflect on the dedication of our hardworking Union members. We continue the efforts of those who have made sacrifices before us to protect and uphold our Contract. And we are grateful for their foresight to understand that our profession, our career, is much more than a paycheck, it’s lifestyle. Managements come and go, but we are here for the long-haul. Balance between making the best use of our time while on the job and having the flexibility and restfulness of time away is necessary for us to be our very best.

Today is a day to acknowledge that when United’s operation is at its worst, you are not just a Flight Attendant but also a hero. You are the face that greet weary travelers, the hands that ensure passenger safety, and the hearts that make the experience of flying a memorable one, despite the odds at times when everything around us may be falling apart.

On this day, we celebrate our collective power as a Union. We have only to look a few days behind us to see the enormous potential we have to hold management accountable and responsible, not only upholding our current Contract, but recognizing our priorities in negotiating our next.

It is Labor Unions that put the interests of working families first and foremost. From negotiating for industry leading wages, to advocating for safer working conditions, to demanding benefits that sustain us and our loved ones — our job will never be completely done. Together, as a united front, we can accomplish amazing things. Together, we will.

This Labor Day, whether you find yourself in the air or on the ground, take a moment to give yourselves the credit you deserve. You are not only the backbone of this company, you are the wind beneath United’s wings, and you are also the spirit of this nation's labor force.

We are proud to stand with you, and we are committed to the ongoing fight for a better tomorrow for all Flight Attendants and their families. Labor sets the bar and pioneers the path when it comes to demanding quality of life, job security and protection of our profession. We are Union. We are Labor. We are proud.

Happy Labor Day from the United Master Executive Council

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