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AFA Debrief: September 11, 2023

Date: September 11, 2023

Our profession as aviation's first responders and last line of defense is not a title that is merely given. Flight Attendants around the world have earned this honor through their sacrifices to our profession and our singular mission to keep the traveling public safe.

There is no greater sacrifice than the women, men, and children lost to us on September 11, 2001.

Today marks the passage of time. Twenty-two years have come and gone, and the memory of that day is still as clear as ever. The horror and heartbreak that we as a Nation collectively experienced that day, will never be forgotten. It is a scar that we carry with us that will never truly heal.

Our career is one of privilege. We are offered a rare opportunity to connect with people of the world and play a part in witnessing and sharing the beauty of humanity through the best and worst of times.

The heinous acts of terrorism, that took our sisters and brothers away from us, were meant to break our spirit and our nation. We stood steadfast and mourned their loss and while committing to Never Forget we forged forward carrying each one of them with us. Our mission is to continue shining a light even in the darkest of times and to snub out the ignorance and hate that divides us.

Today and every day we honor the courage and conviction of the heroes of September 11th.

In Solidarity,

AFA United Master Executive Council


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