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SkyWest Illegally Fired Union Organizers – SIGN THE PETITION!

Date: September 18, 2023

Last week, SkyWest management took illegal action by terminating two Union advocates. In response, our Union acted swiftly, both legally and publicly.

SkyWest Union activists have been organizing for AFA in the face of serious interference from management. We urge all Members to sign and share this petition.

Shane and Tresa, through their courageous actions, uncovered a significant security flaw in the company-sponsored voting system. They fearlessly raised their voices to alert their flying partners to this issue, highlighting how vulnerable votes can be to manipulation.  We demand that SkyWest immediately rehire Shane and Tresa and cease efforts to intimidate workers legally working to form a union.

It is crucial to emphasize that the company should have no involvement in "union voting" in any capacity. Under the Railway Labor Act, it is explicitly prohibited for management to interfere, influence, or coerce Flight Attendants in choosing their Union representative.

Read the full AFA communication to SkyWest Flight Attendants.

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