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United MEC Grievances Filed

Date: September 26, 2023

After reviewing reports from our Memberlink and Grievance Worksheet portal, the United MEC Grievance Committee has filed the following MEC Grievances:

MEC 7-23
 was filed when the company advised the Union that effective August 31, 2023, Crew Scheduling will no longer contact the third number for Reserves when giving an assignment.  The Union believes this is a violation of Section 8.K, which originated from the PM-UA Agreement. The historical understanding between the parties would be to use all the numbers listed prior to deeming a Flight Attendant Unable to Contact (UTC).  Additionally, during the implementation process, the company agreed to continue this practice and programed CCS to allow for three fields in the Flight Attendant’s CCS Profile. 

Until the dispute is resolved, Flight Attendants should no longer anticipate that Scheduling will place calls to their third listed number.

Flight Attendant Action: If you have a third number on file, and receive an unable to contact, and scheduling has not called your third number listed, please fill out a Local Council Worksheet.

MEC 8-23
 was filed when the company unilaterally decided to place a limit of 30.00 for all reimbursements for crew meals that were not provided for in accordance with Section 5.A.3.  In 2019 the Union and the company met to resolve a number of issues regarding crew meals and the resolution of MEC 4-19.  From those meetings arose an understanding, that in circumstances that a meal was not provided, Flight Attendants would be able to purchase a reasonable meal and be reimbursed for actual expenses.  This was not intended to replace contractual crew meal entitlement.  In those discussions reasonable was based on quality comparable to a crew meal, and what was available at the time of purchase and consideration of other factors.  As part of the resolution to MEC 4-19 the company agreed to publish the Union’s communication regarding crew meals (found here) which stated in part “In the limited circumstance where a crew meal is not boarded when contractually required, a Flight Attendant may purchase a meal and submit a receipt through the company’s CONCUR expense reporting system for actual/reasonable expense reimbursement.  In this context, “reasonable” is based on what food options are available, time permitting.

Flight Attendant Action: Ensure you are entitled to a crew meal in accordance with Section 5.A.3, verify absence of a contractually entitled meal. Attempt to get food based on the above criteria, submit for reimbursement.  If the reimbursement is denied, fill out a worksheet, provide and retain all supporting documents. 

MEC 9-23 was filed due to the company reassigning Flight Attendants to a (future) trip they are illegal for prior to them returning to base from the trip they are currently on.  The language of 7.Q.6 states “When a Flight Attendant becomes ineligible for their next scheduled trip(s), they shall notify Scheduling as soon as possible upon return to their Base from the trip which caused them to become ineligible.  At that time, they shall be subject to reassignment in accordance with Paragraph Q.”

Flight Attendant Action: Flight Attendants should continue to follow the process outlined in 7.Q.6 and when there has been a resolution to this Grievance an update will be provided.

MEC 10-23 was filed because the company has removed pay protection from Flight Attendants who make an earnest attempt to follow the provisions of 7.Q.6 and contact scheduling but are unable to reach a scheduler due to extensive hold times (the particular example is in excess of 45 minutes).

The Union is continuing to press the company for the answer to the question: “What in the opinion of the company is a reasonable time to hold for Crew Scheduling?”  When there has been an update further information will be provided.

Flight Attendant Action: When hold times are excessive, Flight Attendants should fill out Long Hold time reports, and in the event, they receive Missed Trips, or Pay Reduction, should follow up with their Local Council for further guidance and assistance. 

MEC 11-23 was filed based on the company’s announcement of new wings and name bars. The name bars are attached to the wings making it a single insignia versus the two separate items required by the JCBA. 

Flight Attendant Action: Continue to abide by company Appearance Standards. The Contract provides for Flight Attendants to have the ability to remove their name insignia when off the aircraft. 

MEC 12-23 was filed when the company announced the closure of the Boston Purser Base effective with the November bid period, and denied those individuals the ability to retain their qualifications if they don’t transfer to another Purser base.

Flight Attendant Action: No action is needed by Flight Attendants, when there has been a resolution to this Grievance, we will provide an update. 

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