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Vacation 2024 – Vacation Accrual Letters

Date: September 26, 2023

Vacation Accrual Letters have been prepared and are now available via the Vacation tab on the CCS home page. Flight Attendant 2024 Vacation Accrual Letters can be viewed by logging into CCS>Vacation>My Vacation.   Flight Attendants will need to change the vacation year from 2023 to 2024.

The following information will be displayed: 

  •        Your vacation accrual seniority date as of August 28, 2023 
  •        Your base vacation accrual is determined by your vacation accrual seniority date 
  •        Your paid activity, by each quarter in the 2022 -2023 Vacation Accrual Year, to be used in determining your vacation accrual for the 2024 Vacation year 
  •        Your 2024 vacation accrual, in days and hours 
For newly hired Flight Attendants, quarterly paid activity will not be shown because new hire Flight Attendants accrue one vacation day.

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