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AFA Debrief: January 12, 2024

Date: January 12, 2024

AFA Debrief January 12, 2024

  • Join Us in SFO – Winter MEC Meeting
  • Coming for February: Reserve Lines with More Than 12 Days Off
  • L.O.V.E Letters to Management Campaign
  • Memberlink & UnitedAFA.org Access
  • Link Recovery Protection Enrollment Now Open
  • Welcome! 2024 New Members


Join Us in SFO – Winter MEC Meeting

Next week, the United Master Executive Council is heading to the West Coast for the regularly scheduled Winter MEC Meeting.

This three-day meeting, conducted quarterly, brings together your elected AFA leadership from across the system to act on the business of our Union.

Hosting the meeting in San Francisco offers the opportunity to those who would not normally be able to attend a meeting in Chicago to experience and participate in our Unions democratic process. Transparency is at the foundation of our Union. By bringing meetings directly to the Members, we are continuing our mission of equal access to all.

We have a full and robust schedule planned. During the sessions, AFA Leadership and Members in attendance will receive reports from the MEC Officers and our Negotiating Committee in addition to reports from several MEC Committees and work on agenda items.

If you are going to be in the San Francisco area on January 16-18, we invite you to join us at the Marriot San Mateo. Meeting sessions run throughout the day, and you are welcome to join us at any time.

Learn more about the meeting and the published agenda at unitedafa.org. We look forward to seeing you next week!


Coming for February: Reserve Lines with More Than 12 Days Off
MEC Reserve Committee

Based on the advocacy of the Union and consistent with the provisions of Sections 8.I.1.j-k. of the Contract, the company has provided notice that they will be accepting Reserve line recommendations with more than 12 days off at certain locations for the February bid month.

Flight Attendants bidding Reserve lines for February at EWR, ORD, and LAX will see some Reserve schedules offered with sixteen (16) days off. Since February is a 31-day schedule month, the additional days off will reduce the Reserve Flight Attendant’s minimum by 4:07 per day for each additional day off over the Contractual twelve (12) days.

At the same time, Section 8.I.1.I. of our Contract states if you are awarded a Reserve Line with more than 12 days off, even if you originally bid for the line, you may contact the Company no later than three (3) days prior to the new month to have Reserve availability days restored in order to also restore your Reserve minimum. This may be accomplished in CCS under the Reserve tab: CCS>Reserve>Reserve Day Restoration.

For additional information about restoring days of availability when awarded a Reserve Line with more than twelve (12) days off, please see the reference guide on Flying Together, as well as our updated FAQ document on the United AFA website. You may also contact your Local Council Reserve Committee.


L.O.V.E Letters to Management Campaign

Letting. Our. Voice. Empower

L.O.V.E Letters is our latest initiative to drive home the priorities you have identified related to the pace of Contract Negotiations and what an industry-leading Contract looks like with United management.

In the weeks leading up to our worldwide Day of Action on February 13th, InfoReps at the Local Councils will be conducting terminal walks, and providing cards for Members to sign to voice our displeasure at management's behavior.

To provide all Members with an opportunity to participate, you can sign a card in person with an InfoRep or participate online by signing a digital card that will be printed for you.

The campaign will run up to the Day of Action on February 13th and will be delivered by the Master Executive Council to Willis Tower on Valentine’s Day.

It’s no longer a conversation with management; we are setting our expectations for an industry-leading contract NOW.

Sign your digital card today and join us on the picket line on February 13th as we come together to battle corporate greed.

Memberlink & UnitedAFA.org Access

The countdown has started. The inaugural launch of the new United AFA website is just around the corner. From an enhanced user experience to a more secure site, Unitedafa.org promises to be the resource Flight Attendants deserve.

As we continue with the countdown, we want to encourage all Members to sign up for a Memberlink portal. Our new website will be a secure site, protecting Member content and reducing access by outside sources to information meant for you.

Your Memberlink portal will give you full access to Unitedafa.org and access to file Local Council Reports and Grievances.

Learn more about setting up your account here. For additional assistance, contact us at memberlink@unitedafa.org.

 Link Recovery Protection Enrollment Now Open

New year, new Link Protection. The annual Link Protection enrollment is now open.

Participation in the Link Protection program is at the Flight Attendants discretion and paid for through a one-time $30 payroll deduction. The program covers the first replacement claim for a lost or stolen Link device. Additional claims will be paid by the Flight Attendant at the replacement cost of $700.

Flight Attendants who do not make an election will be automatically opted out of the program and will remain financially liable for their company-issued Link device if lost, stolen, or damaged.

Flight Attendants who wish to enroll at a later date may do so and will be payroll deducted a prorated amount based on the date of enrollment.

Visit Help Hub to enroll or learn more about the program.

*California and Massachusetts-based Flight Attendants (SFO, SAN, LAX, and BOS) are not eligible to participate in the Link Protection program. Lost or damaged Link devices may result in corrective action.

Welcome! 2024 New Members

We are kicking off 2024 by welcoming the last classes from 2023 to the line. Our newest Members will join us at DEN, EWR, LAX, ORD, and GUM.

We are thrilled to welcome our flying partners on board, and we look forward to helping them as they begin this incredible career.

Please remember that these Flight Attendants are on probation. To ensure that they receive the most accurate information to support them, direct them to their AFA Local Council for assistance on Contractual issues.

If you are interested in supporting our newest Members, reach out to your local council to see how you can be a part of shaping their early careers as an AFA volunteer!

Welcome to the line 2346 and 2347!


JAN 15 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
JAN (16 - 18) - United MEC Winter Meeting (SFO)
JAN 29 - Winter 2023/2024 CBT’s Due (1159 CST)
JAN 31 - Union Plus Scholarship Deadline
FEB 13 – Worldwide Day of Action, Informational Picketing


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