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AFA Debrief: January 22, 2024

Date: January 22, 2024

AFA Debrief January 22, 2024

  • MEC Winter 2024 Regular Meeting Recap
  • Solidarity in San Francisco
  • Welcome Class 2348!


MEC Winter 2024 Regular Meeting Recap

On Thursday, the United Master Executive Council concluded the Winter Regular MEC Meeting in San Francisco CA. This was an incredible opportunity to connect the leadership of our Union from across the system with Members on the West Coast.

Over the three-day meeting, the MEC and members in attendance participated in the democracy of our Union. MEC officers took time to report on the current issues facing our workforce including a financial outlook on United. Several committees, including two members of the Negotiating Committee, were also present to give reports and updates on the work of the past year and improvements they are striving for to improve the quality of life for all Flight Attendants.

For a more detailed recap of what transpired during last week’s MEC Meeting, you can review the daily summaries on our website. Additional information from the meeting will be posted later this week.

We extend our gratitude to AFA Council 11 Leadership and all the Members who welcomed us this past week. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next MEC meeting in April hosted in Chicago, IL.

MEC Meetings are held quarterly and Members who are available to attend are always welcome to join.


Solidarity in San Francisco

SFO is seeing RED! While in San Francisco, the United MEC, MEC Officers and MEC Negotiating Committee conducted a terminal walk to meet and engage with Flight Attendants.

During the outreach, the Local Council Presidents in attendance spoke with dozens of Members on issues related to Negotiations. They shared the L.O.V.E. Letters Campaign cards, added dozens of Members cards to the delivery list, and provided Flight Attendants with RED lanyards and RED AFA pins.

Solidarity was stronger than ever in SFO with Flight Attendants decked out in RED AFA gear. We hear you, and Management can hear you LOUD and CLEAR. United Flight Attendants are ready for a CONTRACT NOW!

Keep your solidarity strong and bring your Contract NOW energy to the informational picket line on February 13th!

Together we will make this the year of the industry-leading Contract for all Flight Attendants.


AFA Welcomes Class 2348!

 On behalf of our Union, we extend a warm welcome to the newest Members of our Flight Attendant family! 

We are thrilled to have new flying partners on board, and we look forward to helping them as they begin this incredible career. Our new Flight Attendants will be based at our domiciles in DEN, IAD, LAX, EWR, and ORD.

We firmly believe that they will enhance our profession with their unique talents and abilities, further strengthening our profession.

Please remember that these Flight Attendants are on probation. To ensure that they receive the most accurate information to support them, direct them to their AFA Local Council for assistance on Contractual issues.

If you are interested in supporting our newest Members, reach out to your local council to see how you can be a part of shaping their early careers as an AFA volunteer!


JAN 29 - Winter 2023/2024 CBT’s Due (1159 CST)
JAN 31 - Union Plus Scholarship Deadline
FEB 13 – Worldwide Day of Action, Informational Picketing


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