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AFA Debrief: February 02, 2024

Date: February 2, 2024

Debrief February 2, 2024

  • Semi-Annual Flight Attendant System Seniority List
  •  Super Bowl 2024 – Human Trafficking Alert
  •  AFA Honors Black History Month
  •  Augmented Staffing Requirements & FAR Compliance


Semi-Annual Flight Attendant System Seniority List

The Semi-Annual Flight Attendant System Seniority List, amended on January 1, 2024, incorporating changes and additions, has been published. Under the provisions of our Contract, Section 14.C. United Flight Attendants can access this list for review at all stations where they are domiciled. Additionally, it is available online on Flying Together under My Work > Crew Planning, Scheduling, and Administration > Crew Planning > Semi-Annual System Seniority List.

To ensure accuracy, Flight Attendants have a maximum of 30 calendar days from the date of notice (published on January 31, 2024) to dispute any alleged omissions or errors that may impact their seniority.

If you believe there are any issues with your seniority, please promptly reach out to the Office of the United MEC Secretary Treasurer via email at mecsec@unitedafa.org.

For more details, you can refer to Section 14 of our Contract or visit our website at www.unitedafa.org.


Super Bowl 2024 – Human Trafficking Alert

Super Bowl 2024 is right around the corner. It is anticipated that LVIII will be one of the largest football sporting events in history, with crowds drawing in at 450,000. 

In response to the travel demand, across the nation, United has added additional service into the Las Vegas (LAS) area. As aviation’s first responders, Flight Attendants are the eyes and ears of the skies. We are trained to address all kinds of situations, including potential incidents of human trafficking. 

While human trafficking happens every day, major sporting events like the Super Bowl present a higher potential for human trafficking incidents and the use of public transportation.

In preparation, review the indicators of human trafficking listed below and know how and where to report suspicious behavior.

Know the signs:

·       Physical control of travel documents of an adult traveler by a co-traveler

·       Restricting the movement and social interaction of an adult traveler by a co-traveler

·       An adult traveler who is unclear on details of his/her final destination or point of contact

·       A child traveler who appears to be accompanied by someone claiming to be the parent or guardian who is in fact, not related to the child

Safe Reporting:

Always utilize your Crew Resource Management (CRM) in situations surrounding safety and work with the flight deck to communicate with resources on the ground. 

If you suspect a case of human trafficking: Follow United’s reporting policy and procedure, as outlined in your Link, including using cockpit communications or other methods as part of the Blue Lightening Initiative.

·       Go to: www.dhs.gov/humantrafficking

·       Call toll-free (866) 347-2423 from anywhere in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada

·       Call (802) 872-6199 (not toll-free) from any country in the world.  Report the tip online at www.ice.gov/tips. 

Working together, we can safely help combat human trafficking and keep our passengers secure.


AFA Honors Black History Month 
AFA Human Rights & Equity Committee

February is Black History Month. It is a dedicated time to honor and celebrate the contributions of Black Americans throughout history and the present, with emphasis on achievements that have been impactful domestically and abroad. It is an opportunity to engage in stories that provide historical context and highlight accomplishments that are often overlooked and not discussed in the standard history books.


Let us dedicate time and space for our Black siblings to hear their stories of both resilience and excellence. It’s also a great month to explore shopping from Black businesses - because economic justice is social justice.


Finally, this month allows us to reflect on how far we have come, yet how much further we have to go and decide what our role will be in this work. Be sure to check out any events in your area.


Read AFA Human Rights & Equity Committee’s newsletter on Black History Month.


Our union has two pins available to mark the month: the AFA Black History Month Pin and the AFA Black Lives Matter Pin.


Augmented Staffing Requirements & FAR Compliance
Safety Health and Security Committee


FAR 121.467 requires additional Flight Attendant staffing, above the FAA Minimum required crew complement, when any Crew or Crew Member is scheduled (assigned) to a flight or flights and the duty period exceeds certain defined maximums. It is important to understand, as the scheduled duty time increases in any duty period, so does the FAA Minimum Crew requirements; this is referred to as Augmented Staffing.


A duty time period that extends past the scheduled duty time in the operation does not require the additional staffing. Augmented Staffing is not based on actual duty time, but on the scheduled duty time for the flight(s) in the duty period. Said another way, additional Flight Attendants are not required when a duty period is extended beyond the scheduled duty time due to irregular operations including weather delays, ATC delays, fuel stops or as the result of a mechanical situation.


The chart below is provided to assist you in determining the minimum crew staffing based on scheduled flight time by aircraft type.



FEB – AFA Celebrates Black History Month
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