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AFA Debrief: February 15, 2024

Date: February 15, 2024

Debrief February 15, 2024

  • Worldwide Day of Action
  • United Airlines Labor Coalition Meeting
  • Cabin Ready Clarification
  • Reserve Seminar Zoom
  • We’ve Got a Pin for That

Worldwide Day of Action

On Tuesday, February 13th, United, Alaska, Air Wisconsin, American, Southwest, and more picketed outside more than 30 airports as part of a worldwide day of action in the U.S., the U.K., and Guam. While our Unions and airlines may differ, our mission is the same, to secure industry-leading Contracts that accurately represent our contributions to the success of our respective airlines.

Your participation and support made this day the success that it was. You put a face on the harsh realities of negotiations and shamed management for their greed. For too long, airline management has attempted to devalue our work while simultaneously raking in the profits of our labor. This ends now. It is time for management to realize that regardless of where we fly, we stand together, united in the fight for our profession.

An attack on one of us, unionized or not, is an attack on all of us. Flight Attendants stick together. Remember, when Flight Attendants are under attack, what do we do? STAND UP! FIGHT BACK!

The fight for the future is now. This historic event marked the unity and strength of Flight Attendants. With over 100,000 Flight Attendants represented, our message is clear: no concessions. Contract NOW!

We will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder until all Flight Attendants have the contract they deserve.


United Airlines Labor Coalition Meeting

The United Airlines Labor Coalition met Wednesday, February 14, at the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) UAL MEC Offices in Rosemont, Illinois. 

Two new labor leaders were introduced to the Coalition. Incoming ALPA UALMEC Master Chair-Elect, Captain Anne Worster, and International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) Deputy Director, Airline Division Mr. Bob Fisher met with their United counterparts of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Works (IAM), the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), Professional Airline Flight Control Association (PAFCA), and ALPA.

Captain Brian Noyes, ALPA UALMEC Vice Chair, briefed the coalition on the current situation in Tel Aviv. 

PAFCA-UAL President Mr. Craig Symons discussed expectations for their upcoming Section 6 Negotiations (see this link on Section 6), current staffing, and sick leave issues. 

AFA-UAL President Mr. Ken Diaz spoke at length about the Flight Attendants’ recent entry into mediation, future growth plans, and sick leave issues. 

IBT Deputy Director Mr. Bob Fisher spoke about the upcoming opening of Section 6 for United Mechanics, specifically addressing his membership’s expectations. 

IAM District 141 President Mr. Mike Klemm also addressed opening section 6 for the seven work groups that IAM represents later this spring. 

An area of continuing concern for all members of the coalition is the increase in frequency and severity of UAL management-imposed discipline. Employee Pass travel rules are another topic of mutual interest. 

The coalition committed to forming a working group of experts from each union to collaborate and discuss potential pass travel improvements. Another interesting discussion between PAFCA, IBT, and ALPA compared the three different training academies (Aviate, Calibrate, Navigate).  

The coalition also said their goodbyes to outgoing ALPA UALMEC Master Chair, Captain Garth Thompson, and Executive Administrator, First Officer Quincy Fleming. Garth and Quincy expressed their fondness for the Labor Coalition and their sincere hope that the Coalition continues to collaborate in good times as well as hard times. 

Overall, the open exchange of information and unwavering mutual support between the Unions at United Airlines continue to yield profound results. All members reiterated their commitment to labor unity at United Airlines.

The group will continue to meet at regular intervals to discuss ongoing issues, find ways to collaborate and reaffirm their commitment to labor solidarity throughout the entire labor community at United Airlines. Together, we can help each other achieve a better work environment for all United employees, which will lead to even more Company success.

Cabin Ready Clarification

During the recent period of line audits, reviews were conducted on multiple areas of safety. The findings were designed to be non-punitive and a way to minimize future compliance lapses that may lead to failures of safety. While overall positive, the audits did identify repeat issues related to cabin readiness.

As working crew, we can think about cabin readiness in three phases. Each phase needs to be completed prior to moving to the next.

  1. Requirement for the cabin door closure and arming: Crew Briefing complete, bins closed, bags stowed, exit row briefings completed, along with any special passenger briefings.
  2. Cabin-readiness for flight deck door closure, door arming, and a successful all-call AND the verification that passengers and aircraft are in compliance PRIOR to the Purser or International Purser telling the Flight Deck the cabin is ready.
  3. Cabin Readiness for take-off, after we complete the safety demonstration, we are focused solely on final compliance checks by conducting our final cabin walk-throughs, addressing any non-compliance identified before taking our jumpseat.

During the safety audit, the second phase was reported as being one of the largest areas of concern. Flight Attendants were found to have a cabin that was not adequately prepared for the closure of the flight deck door. Verifying cabin readiness prior to flight deck door closure ensures all FARs are met before possible aircraft movement.

Examples of repeated non-compliance identified prior to Flight Deck door closure:

  • Small Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) are secured, and large PEDs are turned off and properly stowed (as applicable).
  • On aircraft where installed, ensure personal device holders are stowed.
  • Lock all lavatories.
  • All Seatbacks, tray tables, footrests, in-seat video monitors, and headrests are in their stowed position.

To review the full procedures for cabin readiness, please refer to your eFAOM.


Reserve Seminar Zoom
Hosted by Council 8, Council 25, and Council 12

Learning the ins and outs of being a Reserve can be a daunting task, especially for our newest Flight Attendants. Understanding how to not just survive Reserve, but THRIVE on Reserve can feel nearly impossible.

With the support of the Master Executive Council Reserve Committee, Local Council Reserve Committees will be hosting joint seminars in the coming months to support all AFA United Members interested in learning more about Reserve. The first in this series will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, February 21st, at 1800CT/1600PT.

The seminars will cover everything you need to know to be successful on Reserve with insightful tips and tricks from the Reserve pros who have mastered utilizing the system to have more control over what they fly and when. They will also cover legalities that pertain to Reserve so you can protect your contractual rights.

So, whether you are new to flying and on Reserve or downbid by choice, the upcoming Reserve Seminar Q&A is for you!

All Flight Attendants are welcome! We look forward to seeing you on the 21st!


We’ve Got a Pin for That

In pursuit of recognizing and celebrating the diversity of our Flight Attendants, AFA has several specialty pins in addition to our traditional AFA pin. These specialty pins may be worn during the months they are recognized to display pride in our heritage while showing support to our diverse and beautiful flying partners.

For the month of February, you can find pins representing Black History Month and Black Lives Matter at your Local Council office. All pins are available to Members year-round and can be requested through your Local Council leadership.



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