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Cabin Ready Clarification

Date: February 15, 2024

During the recent period of line audits, reviews were conducted on multiple areas of safety. The findings were designed to be non-punitive and a way to minimize future compliance lapses that may lead to failures of safety. While overall positive, the audits did identify repeat issues related to cabin readiness.

As working crew, we can think about cabin readiness in three phases. Each phase needs to be completed prior to moving to the next.

  1. Requirement for the cabin door closure and arming: Crew Briefing complete, bins closed, bags stowed, exit row briefings completed, along with any special passenger briefings.
  2. Cabin-readiness for flight deck door closure, door arming, and a successful all-call AND the verification that passengers and aircraft are in compliance PRIOR to the Purser or International Purser telling the Flight Deck the cabin is ready.
  3. Cabin Readiness for take-off, after we complete the safety demonstration, we are focused solely on final compliance checks by conducting our final cabin walk-throughs, addressing any non-compliance identified before taking our jumpseat.

During the safety audit, the second phase was reported as being one of the largest areas of concern. Flight Attendants were found to have a cabin that was not adequately prepared for the closure of the flight deck door. Verifying cabin readiness prior to flight deck door closure ensures all FARs are met before possible aircraft movement.

Examples of repeated non-compliance identified prior to Flight Deck door closure:

  • Small Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) are secured, and large PEDs are turned off and properly stowed (as applicable).
  • On aircraft where installed, ensure personal device holders are stowed.
  • Lock all lavatories.
  • All Seatbacks, tray tables, footrests, in-seat video monitors, and headrests are in their stowed position.

To review the full procedures for cabin readiness, please refer to your eFAOM.

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