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AFA Debrief: February 22, 2024

Date: February 22, 2024

Debrief February 22, 2024

  • Profit Sharing Payments
  • 2023 Per Diem and Monthly Flight Time Reports
  • United to Resume TLV Flights March 2nd
  • MEC Central Scheduling Committee (CSC) Training

Profit Sharing Payments

Profit-sharing payments are expected to be issued via a separate check on Thursday, February 29, 2024. Participating employees will receive their payment through their normal payroll process (i.e., direct deposit or physical check).

Due to local requirements, the payout date may differ for Internationally domiciled Flight Attendants. The profit sharing payment must be paid along with your regular payroll to ensure that your non-NRA earnings and LHR PAYE taxation are handled accurately. Also, Members outside the U.S. who are enrolled in the floor rate program receive appropriate floor exchange rates when profit-sharing payments are received through the normal payroll process.

Flight Attendants may access their pay statement through Flying Together>Employee Services>Tools and Resources>My Pay Advice>Payroll Advice.

In anticipation of questions we have received in previous years, we remind those who are deferring the proceeds of our Profit-Sharing into your 401(k) on a pre-tax basis you may see a variety of taxes, including Federal Income taxes being withheld on some portion of the Profit-Sharing proceeds deferred.

This money, even when directed into the pre-tax deferred 401(k) account, is subject to FICA (Social Security and Medicare) withholding, CA state disability withholding, as well as some other State and Local taxes. The money withheld from the profit-sharing payment to pay these FICA, state disability, and other taxes is considered wages for the purposes of the Federal tax code. As a result, the money withheld from the Profit-Sharing to pay these various tax and disability amounts is reported as wages and is further subject to Federal tax withholding. It is for this reason that you will have Federal Taxes withheld from the profit-sharing proceeds that have been directed into the 401(k) accounts.

2023 Per Diem and Monthly Flight Time Reports

2023 Per Diem and Monthly Flight Time Reports (MFTR) prepared for income tax reporting purposes are now available on Flying Together.

Go to Flying Together>Employee Services>Tools and Resources>My Pay Advice>Per Diem to access your report. For additional information, please contact the Payroll Care Center via Help Hub or at (1-877-825-3729).

We have made the company aware of some Flight Attendants who are missing or have incorrect information in their Per Diem reports. The company has posted the following CCS message:

It has been identified that the City Allowance Trip Details did not populate on the 2023 Per Diem reports for a subset of flight attendants. We’re taking the necessary steps to correct the reports for those impacted. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. An updated CCS message will be sent once the amended documents are available. Please refrain from submitting a Help Hub inquiry as we’re working to resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding concerning this matter

United to Resume Service to Tel Aviv on March 2nd

Yesterday, United announced that service to Tel Aviv will resume on March 2nd from Newark. The first two departures will operate with a tech stop in Munich before the planned transition to nonstop service on March 6th.

For the last several months, the MEC Officers and our MEC Safety, Health & Security Committee have been participating in a cross-divisional working group composed of individuals from various operational divisions across United to ensure we are prepared for the eventual resumption of scheduled service.

Our overall focus has been to ensure the safety and security of crewmembers. Utilizing previous experience, we have worked closely with our ALPA counterparts to identify process and resource improvement opportunities that we determined were necessary to ensure the safety of crewmembers. We are happy to report the company has adopted many of the recommendations that have been made.

We recognize some Flight Attendants are not comfortable, for safety or security reasons, traveling to Tel Aviv at this time. We have worked with management to memorialize a process that has been used in the past that will allow a Flight Attendant to decline a TLV assignment. This applies to Lineholders, Reserves, Reassignments, and Drafting situations. An overview of the process, which will be in effect until 30 days after the first TLV flight operates, is provided below.

  • A Lineholder expressing safety/security concerns about flying to TLV will be removed from trip(s) to TLV without pay protection, on a trip-by-trip basis. Flight Attendants wishing to be removed for safety/security concerns should notify Crew Scheduling no later than forty-eight hours (48:00) prior to report for the trip in question. Flight Attendants will be able to pick up other flying (non-TLV) over the original trip footprint.
  • A Reserve expressing safety/security concerns about flying to TLV will be skipped from the assignment to the trip to TLV and remain subject to assignment TMAC as prior to the assignment of the TLV trip.
  • A Flight Attendant reassigned into a TLV trip expressing safety/security concerns about flying to TLV should be bypassed without a loss of pay and remain eligible for reassignment to other replacement flying.

MEC Central Scheduling Committee (CSC) Training

This week Local Council leadership and volunteers arrived in Chicago to attend the annual Schedule Integrity Training, facilitated by the MEC Central Scheduling Committee (CSC).

The two-day training was developed to improve data collection and engage additional local council participation to improve the quality of life for Flight Attendants.

Topics included variable staffing, Reserve legalities, Reserve utilization, Fatigue Risk Management Program (FRMP) as it relates to pairing construction, pairing integrity (high value turns, long sit times, and minimum layovers) drafting, understaffing, moved flying, open time, analyzing company reports, language qualified flying, International Purser flying, and scheduling coordination with other committees.

Upon completion of the training, volunteers will bring their skill sets back to their Local Councils to continue the work of CSC.

Thank you to all the attendees who have taken time away from their personal lives to become subject matter experts. If you are interested in becoming a part of a local committee, contact your Local Council leadership to get involved today!


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